Let Me Change Your Mind About Love


Let me show you that not everyone wants to hurt you. Let me change your mind, let me see into the deepest parts of your soul, I want to hold your heart in my hand and reassure you every day that I’ll never break it because you’re too important to me.

Let me spend every day trying to be somebody who’s good enough to be with you. Let me show you that I’m not someone you can just categorize into a mental folder of people who are going to hurt you because I promise you I’m different.

Let me show you that you and I could make the best team this world has ever seen, let’s take over the world one step at a time. Let’s stop worrying about getting hurt, let’s jump, let’s give this a chance, let’s give ourselves a chance to figure out happiness with each other.

I know it’s scary and putting yourself out there is never easy, but if you’d just let go of all the worries you’d see that it’s different.

Don’t settle for being alone just because you’re afraid of being let down. Don’t settle for being alone because it’s all you’ve ever known because being alone is not all there is.

I want to be the person to change your mind and make you see how truly special and loved you are. I want to help you see that someone can love you, through the good times and the bad times. You’re worthy of someone who will accept that you’re flawed, that you’ve been hurt and that the pain won’t just go away. 

Let me show you. 

Let me be the one to change your mind.

Let me be the one who brings the light even on your darkest days.

Just let me change your mind and I promise to never make you regret it.