Let Go Of Love That Isn’t For You


I want to remind you that it’s okay to let go.

Let go of a love that cannot hold you. A love that isn’t whole cannot embrace all of who you are. It isn’t sturdy enough to carry the weight of your accomplishments or soft enough to cushion the brunt of your falls. You need a love that’s unafraid to open itself up to you. You are worth a love that is complete in its becoming.

Let go of a love that lives in a time you’re no longer part of. A love that was ideal when you knew less about who you were. You cannot love a love that does not fit with the person you now are. It can neither accept nor understand who you have grown into. You belong to a love that belongs to exactly you.

Let go of a love that promises to arrive, but never does. A love that’s fashioned to forever holds you at the brink of being let in. One that always has you on edge, wondering if you’re asking for too much or too little. You neither have to wait for nor prove yourself deserving of such love. You are more than a love that cannot show up for you.

Let go of a love that always seems to miss a beat. A love created from gut-flipping moments of desire, loss, and longing. One that apologetically says “I wish I could have been there” six months after your world fell apart and they chose to ignore your calls. One that says “I wish it were me” when you tell them how your heart is fluttering for someone else again. Good love can dance to every single beat of your heart. You deserve a love that’s present where you are to love you.

Let go of a love that refuses to forgive you for your mistakes or accept you with your foibles. A love that dangles your wrongdoings before you like a pendulum moving to mark a ticking bomb. One that continually reminds you of what makes you less than. A love that cages you in guilt and shame is not a home; it’s a prison. Never forget that kind of love is the only type of love there is.

Let go of a love that wants to change you. A love that’s marked out parts of you that don’t fit right. One that arrives with a plan on how you can be cut, chiseled and tweaked into what it is looking for. Only you get to decide how you fit into your body and your mind and how you wear yourself. Allow for a love that sees you, and holds every bit of who you are tender.

Move into a love that loves you. A love that tends to itself so that it can do its best by you. A love that wants you and will let you know so without a sliver of a doubt. I want you to know that you will find it. This is a reminder that you don’t ever have to settle for less.