Let 2018 Be The Year You Don’t Set Any New Year’s Resolutions


With the holidays right around the corner, many of you are scrambling, trying to wrap up the year on good note and compiling a list of what to expect for next year.

Don’t let a New Year’s resolution fool you and think this the only time you should be making changes. Why should the end of a year and the start of another trigger you to go about your life differently anyway? Aren’t you fully capable of making these decisions every day of the year?

One can simply say, “I want to stay in shape, I’ll start going to the gym more.” You had 364 other days to sign up for a membership.

“I’m going to travel more next year.” Well why haven’t you booked your one way ticket to Europe yet?

You’re faced with a wide range of decisions that shouldn’t be categorized as a New Year’s resolution. Instead these are choices you should invest your time on every day of the year.

There are changes happening continuously in your life and majority of the time you don’t even they’re happening. The goals you set for yourself are endless and some you may not stick to.

You wake up in the morning wondering what will happen, how you can seize the day, and what’s out there for you to take. Not all mornings are the same and that’s probably why people give up on their resolutions so quickly.

You’re forever a work in progress so don’t commit to a New Year’s resolution and commit to a new year of continuous growth.

Your growth is an infinite collection of experiences and you can’t put a time frame on that. Your growth isn’t defined within an hourglass and not limited to the list of all the things you have done already. Your progress is immeasurable so keep going. The only time you shouldn’t be moving forward is when you stop to look back at how far you’ve come.