Knowing The Difference Between Your Soul And Your Ego Is The Key To Finding Your Soulmate


The term Soul Mate has become mainstream, but the connection implies a super-bond. The great psychoanalyst, Carl Jung talks about the personal unconscious, where the ego’s other identity lives. If one encounters the abyss of the unconscious, they will touch upon the sensation and memories of the soul.
Soul Mates “see” one another at the level of the soul. Knowing the difference between the ego (personality) and soul is paramount for an authentic soul mate experience.

Did you ever stop to wonder if your personality is all there is of you? Do you ever wonder about the soul?

First, Our Personality

When we are young, we are told what is acceptable so we repress the exact opposite, and hence, we have created our personality. Our personality develops an ego which acts as a stabilizer for us. As we live our life, we try to fit in with our family and with society, and we end up adopting certain behaviors. This conduct gets ingrained within our personality each year we live.

Our personality follows the acceptable worldview of our family and general public. What we can outwardly see, touch, taste, smell and hear dominates. Our personality is a valuable asset we have as it grants us is the ability to live in our world.

Now for the Soul

The soul does not take on a form like our personality does, but instead is more abstract. The soul is ruled by our inner world, instead of our outer world. The five senses don’t have any power in this inner world, so we have to tap into another sense. What we see, hear and feel inwardly is our soul speaking to us.
An imaginary, enigmatic veil covers your personality, and once lifted the spark of the Divine is witnessed in all its intoxicating joy. The piercing vibration of our eternal existence makes us scream with delight. There is an overwhelming happiness knowing that the most cherished place inside of you is connected with an invincible exalted force.

To put it simply, our personality is a human structure and our soul is a spiritual construct. Our personality’s thoughts bombard us most of our lives, and yet silence is the key to discover your soul. The soul is trapped by the personality, and if you ignore it, you are dishonoring your radiant gem. Why would someone not listen to his or her soul? The answer is that the soul’s voice does not adhere to the rules of our social order.

The Personality Meets the Soul

Genuine security comes when you own all the opposites of your personality. You can now truly listen to your soul and celebrate why your eternal being is here on Earth. The merger between what is human and spiritual creates such wealth; you are now ready to purchase your precious jewel… your authentic self!
Remember these six points when exploring the difference between the personality and the soul:

1. The personality is a human structure.

2. The soul is a spiritual construct.

3. The personality has to shift to a higher feeling of self-worth, and it is only then that the personality can know, believe, and act on what the soul is saying.

4. The personality could have an obligation to a particular religion, but to be truly spiritual is to have a commitment to your soul.

5. Connecting your human identity with your spiritual nature is a fabulous arrangement for you and the world!

6. True Soul Mates mirror their spiritual nature, but their egos remain separate and complete!