Khloe Kardashian Reveals What Celebrities She’d Swipe Right Or Left On


This week, on her private fan page, Khloe Kardashian played some celebrity Tinder and revealed what celebs she would swipe left or right on:

Jaden Smith

“I’m only saying no because he’s like my little brother so it’s weird. In another era, I might have said yes but not in this circumstance.”

Verdict: Swipe Left!

Fetty Wap

“Fetty Wap is a no for me but I do love to work out to his music!”

Verdict: Swipe Left!

Leonardo DiCaprio

“Right on Leo, for sure! I feel like Romeo + Juliet sealed him as a right swipe for the rest of my life”

Verdict: Swipe Right!

Dwayne “The rock” Johnson

“I love The Rock as a person but I’m just not sexually attracted to him.”

Verdict: Swipe Left!

Do you agree with Khloe?? Do you think she should swipe on more celebrities?