Kendra Syrdal Is Going LIVE Tonight To Talk About How To Be A Writer!


Every Wednesday Kendra Syrdal, producer at Thought Catalog and resident wino, is going live to talk to you guys about life, love, and the reasons why we probably all deserve a cocktail or two. She’s previously discussed getting older, birthdays, introduced you to her dog, her best friend, and her inability to cut herself off when there’s pinot grigio inovlved.

Tonight, at 8:30 PST/11:30 EST, Kendra will be talking about and answering her most frequently asked question:

How do you become a writer?
What do I have to do to be a writer?

If you’ve ever wondered about internet writing, blogging, confessional writing, or why the hell a 27-year-old gets paid to write about her embarrassing moments and past relationships, head on over to Thought Catalog’s Facebook page to chat with Kendra, sip some wine, and learn all about what she does all day. (Hint: it involves sweatpants and a fair amount of crying.)

See you tonight, fellow winos!

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