Just So You Know, Heartbreak Only Ruins You If You Let It


Inspiration or motivation; two things that can completely change your perspective on the outlook of your life. Nothing inspires a person or motivates a person better than love. Love can make people do the most amazing things even if it is the bitter end of heartbreak.

Heartbreak will never stop being the muse for all 20-somethings out there doing petty shit. We all need to put down the bottle of tequila and stop dancing on bar tables and get our lives back on track.

Your heart is broken. You played the game of love and it only ends with complete happiness or utter pain. Your feelings are on your sleeve and you are inspired to literally do anything. You are willing to drink an entire bottle of alcohol to feel numb. You think it is better to feel nothing rather than everything all at once. For about six hours while you are intoxicated at the bar this will be the best idea for you, but tomorrow morning you’re going to feel even worse than you do now.

Heartbreak stimulates the mind, the heart, and the ego. It can be turned around to be inspirational and motivational. Don’t waste that creativity trying to get the attention of “Chad” who cheated on you with Becky with the good hair. Start giving back to yourself.

Write an epic love song, train for a marathon, or even just decide to set a new life goal and get there. Don’t waste this raw untapped potential trying to get someone who clearly didn’t want you in the first place back. One day they will come back and how wondrous will it be when they see that Instagram post of you at the finish line of a marathon or hear your speech on a TED Talk.

It’s time to prove people wrong and stop wasting our potential on unhealthy thoughts and habits that could end up ruining our lives. So don’t you dare try to feel something by diving head first into a destructive spiral. CRY IT OUT and then mend that heart back together so you can accomplish something positive.

You don’t need to start wearing less and going out more. You don’t need to do a line of coke with that sketchy guy in the back corner of the bar. You need to pull yourself together and find a way to use your new fond motivation to do something productive.

I am tired of seeing people squander their potential morning over the death of their relationship. Too many times we consume ourselves with thought that we will never love again or no one will ever love us. Stop the pity party and find yourself something to love again.

Whatever finds you in this time of need will save you from yourself. No one is going to make you feel better, but yourself. Kayak in the middle of the lake and just breathe the fresh air. Learn to cook a new recipe or take up Yoga. Just find something to fixate your new found free time on and never let it go.

Not everyone will take their heartbreak and turn it into a hit song on the radio, but the average person can take their heartbreak and use it to be a productive human being. Kayaking could turn into your new stress reliever which could improve your work productivity. Yoga can help you stay healthy and fit for the rest of your life. These small therapies will lead you to the greater accomplishments in life even if you don’t see it now.

Heartbreak is motivational and inspirational if used in a positive way.