Just Because You’re Alone Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Happy


You feel like it’s not fair, really, the way the autumn air and the couples surrounding you make you feel like you’ve some how failed, like you’re not good enough when you’re laying in your bed alone at night.

You see people partnering up all around you as it’s the infamous ‘cuffing season.’ Yet you’re still alone.

You feel like you can’t escape from the couples surrounding you, like you’re always third wheeling, maybe even fifth wheeling. It makes you feel like you’re not good enough, like you’re missing out on part of life.

But you are good enough and you’re not missing out.

Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be happy, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy life just because you don’t have someone to walk hand-in-hand with.

I’ve been alone for years and I won’t lie, sometimes it’s brutal and it’s unfair. It can be really painful and the loneliness has a deep bite that can shake you to your core from time to time, but you can’t live your life waiting for someone to enjoy it with and you shouldn’t.

You should start living for you; start doing things that make you happy. Do the things you enjoy and the things that make you smile. Don’t worry about doing them alone because doing them alone could be more enjoyable than doing them with someone.

When you’re alone you have freedom, the only person holding you back from anything is yourself, so get out of your own way and go after what you want. You’ll never be as young and as free as you are in this very moment. Don’t let that go to waste.

You don’t need someone to make you laugh because you can make yourself laugh. You don’t need someone to tell you you’re beautiful because you already know that. You don’t need someone to hold you in bed at night because you still sleep soundly all on your own.

You can still be happy without someone and you should be, you deserve to be.

Don’t let being alone alter your happiness, don’t give someone else that control over you the second they walk into your life. Don’t dive into their arms and hope they make all your insecurities vanish because if they leave you’re right back where you started. Looking for someone new to install your life in and that’s not healthy.

You don’t need a man to be happy, you have plenty of love in your life, you have friends who adore you, parents who are proud of you, co-workers who enjoy your company and strangers who you can make smile.

You are not lacking love and you are not unlovable.

You are whole and you are important and you should live like that.

Find the good in your life, the little things that bring you joy and cherish them, don’t let those things go because those things make you who you are.

Don’t let others dictate your emotions, be in charge of yourself and care about yourself. You owe that to yourself and I know you have it in you.

You’re allowed to be happy all by yourself, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.