Jeremy Meeks Shows Us, Once Again, The Complete Hypocrisy Of American Women



The hypocrisy of the American women has no limits. The recent story involving convicted felon, Jeremy Meeks, in Stockton, California is just the latest example. Fact is women always claim they want a nice guy, an honest family oriented man they can trust, and certainly not with 9 felonies on his record. However, let’s be real here. Time and time again women lust after the so-called bad boys. Men they see as dangerous and exciting. Not the average boring nice-guy they claim they desire. As a matter of fact they shun that man. That is until it is time they decide they want to settle down and have the security a typical nice guy provides. But until then what they really want is the bad boy they can tame and train to be a nice guy. Realistically, that rarely happens. So they end up banging their share of bad boys and party animals until they come to the conclusion they will not get long term financial security or satisfaction form those men. At a certain age they decide they need to settle down and now it is time for the safe, nice guy. He was really second choice all along, and trust me, he will only get the PG version of her past regarding those previous boyfriends and one night stands. Women do want a nice guy, but only on their terms, or until they give up and have to settle for one. They shun nice guys because they see it as no challenge. The bad boy is a challenge, until he isn’t anymore. Now, and only now, Mr. Domestic is a suitable and safe alternative.

Use the example of the ultimate catch for these women. The age old stories of rock stars with the hot girlfriends or wives half their age. This man has bedded hundreds, even thousands of women, probably carries multiple STDs, a chemical addiction and is never faithful. But what he does have is the ultimate bad boy image, and usually a huge bank account. If the rock star was instead a plumber, but looked exactly the same, had the same addictions and history of promiscuity, he would be viewed as a scumbag. Models and actresses would not even look his way. But the rock star has status, and suddenly none of those negatives matter anymore. His addictions and success with other women are suddenly attractive. He is the ultimate bad boy. Woman logic. The definition of hypocrisy.

That brings us to Mr. Meeks. If you are not familiar with this story, Jeremy Meeks is a 30-year-old man from Stockton, California. A ‘former’ gang member who had already spent 9 years in prison at one point for grand theft. He is now charged with street terrorism for running guns. A real champion of society. When his mug shot appeared on the Stockton Police Facebook page it went viral. As you can see, Meeks is a good-looking guy. No question, you don’t need to be a woman or gay man to admit that. Had he not chose this life, he may have been able to make a real career out of modeling. So there is no ‘hate’ in that respect for Mr. Meeks. Good for him. As a matter of fact, this article really has nothing to do with him. It is more about what his recent wave of attention tells us about American women.

Women are literally swooning over this man. While some may be joking, there are plenty who are not. It is not just your ‘ghetto’ types either. Just visit the Stockton Police Facebook page and see for yourself. As of now 80,000 people have liked his photo, it has been shared over 10,000 times and has 23,000 comments. Granted not all are supportive, but a vast amount of them are. He has a Facebook fan page with 135,000 members and growing. Filled with thirsty women that will all end up single mothers, if they are not already. His own mother, and I believe his wife, have started a fundraising campaign to raise the 1,00,000 dollar bail to release him from custody. Understandable on their part. But the sad part is the amount of women willing to put money toward this cause, simply because he is their dreamy bad boy. You think they would even have this fundraiser set-up if he did not already have such enormous support from a certain portion of the female community? Doubtful. Are they giving money to help his counterparts, pictured with him, get out of prison? No. If he did not look like he does, he would either receive no attention at all, or a sparse amount of negative attention.

What makes this even sadder and more pathetic is the fact that only one week before Meeks photo went viral, a Stockton police officer, Scott Hewell, was killed at 33-years-old while on duty when his patrol car crashed on the way to a call for a shooting. Remember, Meeks was arrested for what? Guns, street terrorism. So while females all over the nation are wetting their panties over this man, a family mourns the loss of their own in part for what Meeks represented and Hewell defended against. The felon is celebrated with tens of thousands of comments, likes and shares. While on the same page, the announcement of Officer Hewells death has 1,500 likes, 400 shares and 132 comments. Utterly pathetic.

Women cannot continue to behave in this manner and expect to have Mr. Nice Guy ready and waiting for them when they have had their fill of trysts with the Meeks of the world. No, not all these men are felons. But the fact remains they will always chase the bad boy and shun the nice guy until there is no other option than begrudgingly accepting they can’t change him. They should not dare have the audacity to go on their own Facebook page and announce to the world they are sick of all the ‘assholes’ and tell us they simply want a nice guy to treat them right, the way they deserve to be treated. Reality is they don’t ‘deserve’ a damn thing. Being treated well is something that is earned. Despite what they think, it is not yet another female entitlement. Just another classic tale of the American woman who wants to have her cake and to eat it too.

If you have ever read anything I wrote previous, you know I blame men for this as much as women. As long as there are nice guy, beta males waiting with open arms to take in these women after they have been used up and are running out of time, things will never change. Get off the bench, beta men, and get in the game. Forget these women, because they never cared about you until they had to. When you are buying her that house in the suburbs, remember it wasn’t you she ever wanted this with. You were just there and had the suitable income and security she desired when she decided it was her time. If you can look in the mirror every day and accept that, that is sad, because I know I sure couldn’t.