Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Pattern Of Sexual Abuse Against Minors Detailed In 21 Horrifying Steps


1. Most rumors and criminal allegations against Jeffrey Epstein follow the same pattern. Allegedly, his typical method of abuse was to lure—or have a hired female lure—young women and underaged girls to one of his many residences, where they were told to strip naked and massage him. Sometimes he allegedly masturbated while being massaged. In other cases, he is accused of touching the girls’ genitals—or of having forced intercourse with them.

2. According to a blockbuster three-part expose by the Miami Herald, this was Epstein’s MO when meeting teenage girls at his estate in Palm Beach, FL:

They were met by Epstein, clad in a towel. He would select a lotion from an array lined up on a table, then lie facedown on a massage table, instruct the girl to strip partially or fully, and direct them to massage his feet and backside. Then he would turn over and have them massage his chest, often instructing them to pinch his nipples, while he masturbated, according to the police report.

At times, if emboldened, he would try to penetrate them with his fingers or use a vibrator on them. He would go as far as the girls were willing to let him, including intercourse, according to police documents. Sometimes he would instruct a young woman he described as his Yugoslavian sex slave, Nadia Marcinkova, who was over 18, to join in, the girls told Recarey. Epstein often took photographs of the girls having sex and displayed them around the house, the detective said.

3. Epstein took an insanely lenient plea deal in 2007 despite mountains of evidence against him. In 2005, the stepparents of a 14-year-old girl from Florida whom Epstein had allegedly molested complained to police. They said their stepdaughter had told her that an older girl escorted her to Epstein’s mansion, where she was allegedly paid $300 to strip naked and massage him.

4. State police began an investigation. Epstein’s money and power—he is an alleged billionaire whose financial agency won’t even talk to you unless you’re worth at least a billion, too—enabled him to avoid the allegations against the 14-year-old and instead permitted him to instead plead guilty to soliciting prostitution from a 17-year-old. It is thought that he did this because in New York—where he resides in the most expensive private mansion in all of Manhattan—the age of consent is 17. He was sentenced to a mere 18 months in county jail, of which he only served 13 months.

5. What horrified many people is the classification of his innocent teenage victims as “prostitutes.”

6. The plea deal enabled Epstein to sidestep a damning 53-page indictment by the FBI. After Florida authorities began their investigation against Epstein, so did the FBI. They interviewed five alleged victims and 17 other witnesses under oath. They pored over items in Epstein’s trash and home, revealing that some of the girls with whom he’d had sexual encounters were under 18. They also found hidden cameras and photos of some of the girls he’d interviewed. But due to the plea deal Epstein arranged with Florida authorities, their indictment was never presented to a grand jury. It is thought that the charges in the indictment would have put Epstein away for life.

7. The Florida plea deal was arranged by Alexander Acosta, who until very recently was Donald Trump’s Secretary of Labor.

8. Part of the deal, shockingly, granted immunity to Epstein from all federal criminal charges, even though it’s unclear that Acosta even had the authority to do such a thing. As a result of the recent criminal charges against Epstein, Acosta resigned as Secretary of Labor.

9. Another part of the deal granted immunity to “any potential co-conspirators’’ who may have helped Epstein procure girls for underage sex.

10. Most shocking of all, the plea deal was kept private from Epstein’s alleged victims, who never received their day in court.

11. When interviewed for the job as Secretary of Labor, Alexander Acosta said he was told to back off of Epstein because Epstein had deep ties with the intelligence community. Acosta revealed to his interviewers that when he was presented with the case against Epstein in Florida, he was warned that Epstein was “above his pay grade”: “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone.”

12. Epstein’s time in jail was an absurdly extreme case of “country club incarceration.” Epstein spent thirteen months in a private wing of a county jail. His cell door was always left unlocked. He had access to an attorney room and a private TV that was installed strictly for his enjoyment.

13. Despite the fact that Florida law prohibits work-release programs for convicted sex offenders, Epstein was released for twelve hours a day, six days a week, to go work in his office. He used his own driver to shuttle him between jail and his office. It is rumored that he continued to sexually abuse young girls while on work release.

14. At his office, “permit deputies” on Epstein’s payroll monitored all visits. They checked in approved guests. According to the Sheriff’s Office, all records of his visitors at his private office during his jail stint were destroyed.

15. After being paroled, Epstein violated the terms of his parole—but wasn’t arrested. Epstein’s judge declared that as a condition of his release, he had to check in with the New York Police department every 90 days. Epstein has allegedly violated that stipulation but has never been charged with the violation, even though it’s technically a felony not to comply with terms of parole.

16. In 2015, a woman filed a sworn affidavit that Epstein kept her as a sex slave when she was 17. Virginia Giuffre (born Virginia Roberts) accused Epstein and his longtime partner Ghislaine Maxwell of trafficking her to Prince Andrew and Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz. She also alleged that the FBI may have been involved in a coverup. Epstein reached an out-of-court settlement with the woman.

17. In 2016, a federal lawsuit accused Epstein and Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her in a series of parties when she was 13 years old. The suit, filed in California, was dismissed by a judge because it allegedly did not raise valid claims under federal law.

18. In 2017, a woman named Sarah Ransome filed a lawsuit against Epstein and longtime female partner Ghislaine Maxwell. The suit alleged that the pair hired her to give Epstein massages and that they later threatened to physically harm her and personally destroy her if she did not comply. The suit was settled privately in 2018.

19. A woman recently told the Today show that Epstein raped her in 2002 when she was 15. According to the woman, Jennifer Araoz, “He knew exactly what he was doing….I was terrified, and I was telling him to stop.”

20. It is unknown whether or not Epstein has ties to the intelligence community, whether national or international, but if so, it would go a long way toward explaining why he’s been so untouchable all these years—he might have a lot of dirt on extremely powerful people. Among the intelligence agencies he is speculated to be involved with are Britain’s MI5, Russia’s KGB, and Israel’s Mossad.

21. On July 6, 2019, Epstein was arrested on federal charges for sex trafficking of minors in New York and Florida. On the day of his arrest, federal agents reportedly stormed Epstein’s Manhattan mansion and found “hundreds – and perhaps thousands – of sexually suggestive photographs of fully – or partially – nude females.”

Court documents allege that Epstein brought at least 40 underage girls into his residences for sexual encounters.

According to the indictment, Epstein “intentionally sought out minors”:

In particular, during encounters at the New York Residence, victims would be taken to a room where they would perform a massage on EPSTEIN, during which EPSTEIN would frequently escalate the nature and scope of physical contact with his victims to include, among other things, sex acts such as groping and direct and indirect contact with the victims’ genitals.  In connection with the encounters, EPSTEIN, or one of his employees or associates, typically paid each victim hundreds of dollars in cash.  Once minor victims were recruited, EPSTEIN or his employees or associates would contact victims to schedule appointments for “massages.”  As a result, many victims were abused by EPSTEIN on multiple subsequent occasions.


To further enable him to abuse underage girls, EPSTEIN asked and enticed certain of his victims to recruit additional minor girls to perform “massages” and similarly engage in sex acts with EPSTEIN.  When a victim would recruit another underage girl for EPSTEIN, he paid both the victim-recruiter and the new victim hundreds of dollars in cash.  Through these victim-recruiters, EPSTEIN maintained a steady supply of new victims to exploit, and gained access to dozens of additional underage girls to abuse.

Prosecutors say they aren’t worried about double jeopardy in this case because it involves several alleged incidents that were not cited in the original case for which he received a cushy plea deal in 2008.

Epstein faces up to 45 years if convicted—a life sentence for a man who is 66 years old.