It’s Okay To Not Be Enough


We hear the word “enough” thrown around so often in our society. I honestly don’t even think anyone knows what it means. Enough of what exactly? It’s not even logical.

For whatever reason, we link the word “enough” to being worthy—of love, of a career, of acceptance. We tell ourselves there’s this standard we must reach, this ideal we must live up to, and we’re constantly measuring ourselves, thinking that we have to be and act a certain way to be cared for or to find the relationships we desire.

In all honesty, we will never be enough, because it’s an immeasurable, undefined thing. There will be people who will value your soft qualities and others who will admire your fierceness. If we are always looking to change what other people want in us, then we will never be whole. We’ll constantly be reshaping and changing.

If we start viewing ourselves from the eyes of people who don’t value us, we’ll never be enough for anyone. We’re human, and no one on this planet is perfect—certainly not the guy who is treating you like you’re not.

So please, stop trying to do better just because. Stop viewing your worth from the inside out. Stop hiding. Stop changing yourself, your thoughts, your decisions to match someone else’s checklist. Stop wishing and changing for the hope of love (because that’s not love, just so you know).

If you hit a point when you feel like you’ll never find love, when you feel like you’ll never meet this ridiculous standard, remember there’s no ideal to measure up to for the person who is meant for you. And when you meet that person, you won’t feel like you’re less than, not enough, or inadequate. People who value you don’t make you feel this way. People who care for you won’t want you to change anything about you. They won’t try to mold you into their perception of perfect, because they’ll already think you are.