It’s Not Your Fault They Broke Your Heart, But It’s Your Job To Heal Yourself From It


The way you feel is not your fault.

The way they hurt you is not your fault.

But the person you become afterwards is your responsibility. The way you heal yourself from the trauma they caused you, builds the person you become. The pain they caused you helps you blossom and flourish into the best version of yourself.

You did not deserve to be the aftermath of someone’s destruction.

You did not deserve to have the task of piecing yourself back together.

You deserve to be chosen over and over again, not just be considered.

I know that it might seem like the last possible thing to do, but you must believe with your whole heart that you are capable of great love.

You must believe that you are 100% worthy of the life and love you so desperately desire.

You have the power to move on and not compromise any more of your heart. You have the power to leave this heartbreak and transform your suffering into something magnificent. You have the power to forgive this tragedy and go on living your greatest story.

You are the product of what happens to you, so please do not do yourself a disservice and wallow in this sadness. Take this day and start healing. Heal from the wounds that have been cut into you. Heal from the words that have sliced through your heart. Heal from the trickery your soul has endured.

Heal yourself.

Heal yourself and then forgive.

Forgive that person who so absentmindedly tossed you out. Forgive their destructive nature. Forgive their erratic willingness to let you bleed on the ground.

Just forgive.

And then forgive yourself.

Forgive the part of you that believed the lies and the empty promises. Forgive the part of yourself that fell hopelessly and irrevocably in love.

I promise you that once you do, you will discover a whole new you. You will discover the beginning of your next greatest truth.