It’s Not Your Fault That They Decided To Leave


We meet many people along the way when we grow up. We keep them, yet we lose them. Sometimes we lose people without knowing the reason behind it. Sometimes people left without any explanation—it has become a normal thing to do, since we are afraid to ask them why. We speak so little in person yet so much inside our hearts. And deep down, you know you are not okay.

When people decide to leave, stop blaming yourself over the friendship that does not work.

There are 7.8 billion people in the world and you are here worrying about one friendship that does not work. Search for your people. You are not selfish to search for another group of friends who will accept you for who you are. You shouldn’t please everyone, and not all people should have access to you.

When people decide to leave, stop crying over the failed relationship that makes you start questioning your worth.

It is okay to have a failed relationship. I never met a person in my life who got their life partner on the first try. It is really a miracle if you do though, but in reality, most of us do have a failed relationship. Stop crying your heart out when you could not save something in your life. If it is not meant to be, it will never be. You are not selfish to find another partner who wouldn’t drain you out, would listen to you, and would search for a middle ground with you. A relationship is about two losers who will try their best not to lose the person they love. When things do not work the way we wanted them to and people decide to leave, you are saved from spending your time with the wrong people for the rest of your life.

When people decide to leave, stop feeling bad for those who do not want to be kept.

Not all people who come to your life are meant to be close to you. There are people who are placed in your life just for fun or to make you learn things. They are all seasonal people with temporary reasons. Once their mission is accomplished, then their purpose in your life is over. You will meet another person who will help you grow again, maybe in a different area in your life. The cycle will go on like that.

When people decide to leave, it is important to learn that it’s not you who ruined things. 

Perhaps it is how the universe works to make you realize that keeping them any longer will not give you any good. Let go. Why beg people to stay when their only intention is to leave? You are not the villain of the story when you finally decide to let people go. Moreover, you are the hero for yourself. You know your worth and you stand up for it. You do not let people treat you badly, because you know you deserve to be treated well. It is a form of self-love too.

When people decide to leave, you will grow a lot.

Perhaps there are people who treat you badly to teach you that not all people deserve to be close to you. Afterward, it made you choose your circle wisely. Perhaps those who break your heart are there to teach you that not all relationships work out easily. You fall in love, you fall out of love. They break your heart and you break someone’s heart. You learn to give love another try. Perhaps all those people who drifted apart are there to teach you that everyone has their own time in someone’s life. Maybe their time in yours is already over and it is time to move on to the new chapter, meeting new people, dealing with new adventures.

It is not anybody’s fault when people decide to leave. You learn a lot from them and they learn something from you. Now they go on a different path with yours, and you will continue your path by knowing that every situation that made you who you are right now is worth it. You become stronger than ever. In the end, when people decide to leave, be grateful for them, because they have already fulfilled their purpose in your life, and it is time for them to fulfill their purpose for other people.