It Will Always Be You


They don’t matter
Whenever they’re near
You’re in the back of my head Whispering words I no longer hear.

I see them and picture your twisted smile I expect your touch when I close my eyes Only to wake up in their loving arms.

And I swallow my tears
I swallow my guilt
For not holding them tight
For not enjoying them right
But some things were only meant for you, My wild one.

Did it hurt when you ripped me off like a used bandaid? Maybe I was to you what they are to me

Temporary relief

How sweet can the world be For all the distraction
How bitter can it taste
To have all but one thing

To miss nothing but your skin

It will always be you Lying next to me
In that empty bed

It will always be you Haunting me at night
With thoughts and memories

It will always be you That I want
That I wish for
That I try to forget That I hate

And ache

Will it always be me then
The disposable fool
The shameful secret
The one who’s not worth moving mountains for?

It will always be you My girl
Holding all the answers.