It Was Never About You (It Was Always About Me)


It’s not about you.
It’s about me, my life, and my choices.
Nothing seemed perfect until it transpired.
Nothing transpired until it fell apart.
And nothing fell apart until I chose you.

They say that we plan the major events
of our life on our own, even before we are born.
They say that everyone we meet has some significance
in the series of lives we have been living
and even before we realize it, they leave.

Why would I choose you to shatter me?
A face so kind and serene,
It meant a lifetime of desire-keen.
It is a part of me that is with you,
You can’t deny but you can’t feel it too.

Ain’t no force strong within, without.
You think and I catch it loud, and shout.
Sometimes you win other times you learn,
But never an answer which is yearned.

This plan is concrete,
But my belief is obsolete,
The hints have deplete,
But my purpose still hasn’t ceased.

You complete my jigsaw,
By falling even before me.
You promise me happiness,
By not being with me.
You end my story,
By staying away from me.

They say You are not bad,
But I chose you to shatter me.
Alas, it’s always in the end that I realize;

It was never about you,
It was always about me.