It Took Seeing A Guy Abuse His Girlfriend In Front Of Me For Me To Realize I’m A Feminist


What is feminism anyway?

Last week I was told I was “what’s wrong with America” and called a feminist…four letter word that starts with C. And before I continue on, I should probably give some context on this.

I was minding my own business (not really) leaving the gym, when I saw a couple fighting. The girl, flustered, made her exit slowly walking away and then after crossing the street turned to a full sprint. I found this very odd. My attention at its peak, I watched the male began to follow her; running faster than I had expected. He caught her so quickly and when he did, he shoved her from behind.

I blacked out.

Next thing you know, I was with them, across the street, and I had slapped this male across the face. This is when he chose the words he did, to describe me. Now mind you, I did not know these people. Never in my life had I seen them before. However, I do know you do not hit anyone unless they deserve it and common sense told me he was fair game. Crying and shaken, his girlfriend stood watching during our shouting match. This boy eventually walked away without his girlfriend, and when he did he said more choice words, this time to her, which I will most likely never forget.

“I was going to let you get back with me, but because of her I won’t”.

For a moment, let that sink in. He was going to LET her get back with him, I was so terribly disheartened by this disgusting human being. In what cold place in hell was it only his choice? Relationships are a two way street and I was determined to let this girl know she was better, stronger, and much more important than this boy would ever understand. I put my hands on her shoulders and pleaded to her that she was worth so much more. As a woman, no a human, we must help each other in times of distress. We must lift each other up and instill faith when it is all but gone. I stood with her, shaking, teary-eyed and asked if she understood me. She said she did, but I could feel otherwise.

Walking away with her, I asked her name.

To be quite frank, I had to look up what feminism was. I didn’t want to have an incorrect concept. So after my minor research, I have come to this conclusion.

It seems that society has, of course, allowed another word to be dragged so far out of context that we have lost sight of its original meaning. Feminism is, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities”. If I am following with the basic knowledge of that description then, this is the 21st century and I hope that everyone would believe in the concept of feminism. Every person, unless they have done something to prove themselves unworthy, deserves equal opportunity. It will unfortunately never be that simple, but it should be.

So yes, I am a woman who believes in equal rights and opportunities for men and women alike. Thank you to the stranger who recognized that so quickly.