It Is Okay To Forgive Yourself


Forgiveness. It is such a complex concept sometimes and it is definitely easier said than done. Throughout our life, we constantly worry about others forgiving us for our wrongs in hopes to move forward from the past. We are so caught up in the idea of being forgiven, that we forget one important thing that will allow us to move forward and set us free, and that is to forgive ourselves. It’s okay to let go of the past and leave it behind, it is called the past for a reason. So forgive yourself for your wrongs and failures and understand, it is okay to do so.

Forgive yourself for falling in love.

Forgive yourself for falling in love with someone who made you forget yourself throughout the whole process. For the people you abandoned when you were in that relationship. For being so caught up in love that you become unlovable. It’s okay, because you learned what is important in life and who matters the most.

Forgive yourself for the goals you did not achieve.

The goals you did not reach does not make you a failure. It is okay to fail, but what is not ok is to fail and not try again. So whether you reach those goals in 6 months or a year from now, you can say you tried and if you fail again get back up. Remember, you must hear “no” 100 times before hearing “yes.” So forgive yourself for failing and don’t be so hard on yourself.

Forgive yourself for hurting the ones you love.

We’ve all hurt someone we love, and that’s ok. Sometimes we are put in certain situations that allow us to act irrationally or allow us to lose ourselves. That doesn’t make us any less of a person. It just teaches us that it is okay to mess up every now and then, but don’t make it a cycle. We’re human and we all make mistakes from time to time. So if you have hurt someone you love, forgive yourself and know you’re human after all.

Stop being so hard on yourself and understand in order to set yourself free and move forward you must forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for the way you acted and the things you said when you were at your lowest. Your past does not define your worth, if anything it should teach you to become a better you. So please. forgive yourself and remember it is okay to do so.