Is It Better To Love Or Be Loved?


Remember yourself at 14? When you were falling in love with a guy and it seemed like you couldn’t do anything but think about him? Remember the butterflies in your stomach and every day you spent unproductively thinking and dreaming about him?

Those were good times, and sometimes we wish we could go back to them because the more we grow up the more we realize that the butterflies fly away.

As we become more mature, we become prettier, smarter, confident in our abilities… We become attractive in every way. Thus, intentionally or not, we get a lot of attention from the opposite sex. We have admirers, we get flowers, we get asked on dates… We get so much love, but do we give the love back?

As we become older and meet people who are ready to move mountains to be with us, who make us feel safe and entertained, with who it seems there is nothing else a girl would need, we still wonder… is this it?

Are we supposed to settle with people who love us more than we love them? Where did the butterflies go?

No doubt it’s what every girl needs – a perfect guy. But that’s secondary. What every girl needs in the first place, is love. To wake up every day and not just feel that she is lucky to have someone who cares, but to completely be crazy about that person. To feel a real love. Love that changes you. Love that makes you do stupid things. Love that doesn’t have limits, and as Carrie Bradshaw said “Can’t live without each other kind of love”.

That’s what every girl wants. That’s why a lot of relationships don’t work. That’s why we feel guilty saying no to the perfect guys. That’s why as much as we try, we fail to be happy with someone who’s just there for us.

Sometimes it is not important how much they love us. No matter what they do, we can never feel the way we want to feel.

And the weirdest thing is – We always tend to fall for guys who cannot give us anything, instead of the ones who are right there waiting for us to choose them, so they can make our every wish come true.

I’d rather be a homeless person in love, rather than a wealthy person with no feelings.