Is Being A YouTuber Genuinely Worth It?


YouTube, a video sharing website founded in 2005, has allowed millions of viewers to cure their boredom, learn something new and watch a variety of videos that they could not find anywhere else.

What about the YouTubers making these videos? Behind every video, there’s editing, planning, possible nerves and the risk of being judged by people who will never have to face you in real life. It can be difficult to put yourself out there at times. Is the process of creating the videos truly worth the time and energy?

For me, the answer is without a doubt: yes. It’s simple for me to answer this because YouTube has provided me with incredible opportunities, networking and a group of supporters I wouldn’t trade for anything.

As a clueless 15-year-old, I remember having the courage to film a drum cover one night and make a Youtube channel. After much indecisiveness, this channel would later be called “AlwaysAlessandra.” I never thought anything would come out of me starting this channel because the quality of the original video was absolutely unsatisfactory. However, it gave me something to do over the summer. Afterward, it turned into a blessing in disguise that taught me more lessons and provided me with more memories than any other activity I have been involved in.

To put these lessons and skills into perspective, Youtube has taught me time management. Filming covers doesn’t take two minutes followed by three minutes of editing. There is a lot of work that goes into each and every video posted on this specific platform. Besides the actual process of making the video, the creator also has to form an idea or concept for it beforehand. Then, there’s editing and making this video the best it can possibly be. When there’s homework, plans with friends, sports, etc., a creator needs to find the time to do this by following a schedule.

Not only has this platform given me the chance to connect and be recognized by some of my favorite artists, it has also made me stronger. While I love my supporters and subscribers, it seems as though us Youtubers tend to remember the bad comments over the good ones. I thoroughly enjoy scrolling through all of the positive comments, but the bad ones used to especially stick out to me. At first, these obnoxious comments were difficult to ignore. However, now, I have learned to not let “trolls” on any platform get to me because they don’t genuinely know me or probably much about music anyway.

YouTube has made me stronger.

Most importantly, YouTube is a place for me to express myself through music and share my covers with the world. I am incredibly appreciative of every individual who has subscribed to my channel or even occasionally watches my videos.

Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to have all of these extraordinary experiences. I am extremely thankful for all of their tweets to artists about my covers and for every positive message and comment I receive.

If you’re thinking about starting a channel, I highly recommend it. This platform could change your life in ways you’ll only completely understand firsthand. Youtube is one of my favorite things in the world and I don’t know where I would be without it today.