Invest In Someone Who Invests In You


Energy is everything because we are made of it and you can’t get back time. So choose carefully who you decide to invest them into.

Don’t waste energy on someone who doesn’t bother and doesn’t sustain you in return with the same level of energy and investment. You will give so much of you and end up with so little for yourself. Know when it is time to walk away.

The people who matter will choose to stay, the right people will know to appreciate and reciprocate. They will not overwhelm you or consume you. They will value you in their lives without expectations and no matter near or far, will always choose to stand alongside and journey with you.

I find that it is when you understand the value and power that comes with a choice that you will be able to truly appreciate the people who invest in you.

One cannot live alone. As independent as we are, we all have innate desires for reciprocal love and seek comfort and warmth in others who will fuel us with their energy. Because if otherwise, we know how life in so many ways can so easily drain us. All the money and material in the world will never be able to suffice. You will feel empty. What is the point of life then?

What then is this energy source? Where does it come from? I’d like to believe that It is love that fuels the bulk of the energy (if not all) that comes from us within. We pass on a little of ourselves to people we choose to value. How beautiful is that?

So, never ever take a person’s choice to invest in you for granted. Invest in those who invest in you. Because eventually, they will know to walk away if you do not sustain them too.