In Light Of Everything


In light of e v e r y t h i n g that has been frequenting around the world, I find that it’s important more than ever to discuss topics like ascension to aid with the healing process that is so imperative during times of such perceived tragedy.

Depression almost killed me once or twice before in my life and I wanted to share the secrets I learned while submerged. It was only then I understood what to ascend truly means. As my foot grazed the bottom of the metaphorical ocean floor with the last of life force I had in me, I stopped fighting it and that was when I began to float above. These dark stormy waters we wade in our minds when our human forms are on the brink of depletion have a way of making you believe you want to give up. Surrender instead.

There is a widely misconceived notion of what the ascension process is. It is the moments before you’re above water after being submerged for so long. It’s feeling the burning pain and struggle to breathe and having to hold on for a little longer. It is the slow and powerful rise to higher ground. It’s persevering even when all you have left to give is your spirit. If you are unclear of how to surrender in such a moment imagine being underwater, sinking slowly to the bottom with a stone on your chest. You are drowning. Using all of your air to scream cries of panic.

But what if I told you your task was to listen. And if you could hear the message that’s intended for you, you would be released to float upwards? It is much easier to listen when one is still, isn’t it? What if I told you the stone on your chest was visibly massive but when you freed yourself from it you discovered it weighed nothing. You assumed because it appeared to be massive it was too heavy for you to move and let the fear of drowning itself render you helpless.

When we stay trapped within the vibrational threads of fear we are rendering ourselves helpless. I’ve recently started believing that fear is a springboard you are meant to bounce off and recourse from, with a more actualized sense of vigor than before. The self ceases to exist within the structural confines of fear and only the sound of reverberating panic survives it. It is not a permanent residence, you cannot exist within fear for it is a series of panic within more panic and whose pseudonym is anxiety. The intention of fear is to get you to listen. Imagine fear bringing you down far enough so that when released you shoot off into the distance like a bow and arrow. It really is true, we must touch the bottom before we can reach the top. And If you absolutely must, visit the bottom, but don’t make plans to stay.

We as light beings on earth are no longer subscribed to the notion of a monotheistic way of life. In fact, I believe that there is God and connection residing within all of our hearts. And I believe that the only revolution that can save the state of our world are the tiny ones within the souls of all of us. Ascension happens when you give in to the unknown with remnants of faith adorning you like jewels as you set off into the darkness of uncertainty. Faith is not waiting for a miracle but knowing you are your own miracle. Once we realize the innate capabilities we possess to alter our realities we free ourselves from the weight of fear and ascend.