In Defense Of Kim Kardashian


Let’s be clear. I am in no way Kim’s biggest fan. I’m ashamed and embarrassed that the current generation holds her and her family in such high esteem that they’re able to generate millions of dollars every year through their products when they don’t conceivably have anything to sell except sex. I don’t agree with certain decisions she’s made or the way she has acted but that’s just my opinion. I think we’re all getting a little too collectively judgmental when it comes to Kim and her family for the following reasons.

1. Money

She has millions and access to even more now that she has married Kanye but — and as much as I don’t agree with it — she doesn’t have to give it away. It’s her money. Just because she has more than others, it does not entitle everyone to tell her to help others. Does it make her greedy and selfish? Sure. But there are billions of those kinds of people in the world; the kind that wouldn’t even buy someone a cup of coffee never mind give away most of their fortune! And although it’s unlikely, for all we know she could quietly be giving away her money to charities every year without publicizing it.

If she has the money to blow on two luxurious weddings then let her! She’s not stealing; she is allowed to enjoy her “success” for want of a better word. I have bigger issues with people that spend ridiculous amounts of money on weddings when they can’t afford them to begin with and get into debt. So she could help stop hunger in East Africa or save an endangered species of animal somewhere, yes, but that doesn’t mean she should. Instead of lambasting her for not giving away her money, how about you ask yourself how much you’re willing to help your friends, neighbors and the rest of the world?

2. We don’t know her.

Let’s be clear. Despite the hundreds of thousands of photos out there of her (including the never-ending stream she takes of herself) and the family’s TV show, we don’t know the real her. Yes we’ve seen the crocodile tears, the screaming matches she’s had with family and the laughs she’s enjoyed but none of us really know her despite how much of herself she shares. We don’t know how she really thinks or feels about certain people or situations when her head hits the pillow at the end of the day so why do we feel superior enough to judge her?

3. She’s not fat.

Ok people, let’s get this right — she is not fat; she has curves, there is a huge difference. And whilst we’re on the subject of fat, what gives you the right to judge? So she’s in the public eye and courts attention, I get it, but when she was pregnant, the internet called her “fat” (or a version of) apparently 22% more than usual. Are you proud of yourself? This woman brought a life into the world and we continued to hate her. We mocked her for putting on (natural) weight and then criticized her for going to the gym to try to keep it off; will we ever be happy with her weight and the way she looks?!

4. Mistakes.

I don’t know about you but I was lucky enough to make most of my big mistakes when I was too young to really appreciate how bad they were and also before Generation Internet began; Kim does not have that luxury. She makes mistakes just like you and I. You might argue that hers are even worse than yours but if I sat you down and really got you to be honest with me, I suspect you would back away from that statement.

Sure she makes some hideous fashion choices but you know what? We’ve all done that. We’ve all looked in the mirror in the morning, thought we looked incredible and stepped outside for the world to see us only to be teased by our friends. We didn’t have our choices spread across the tabloids and the internet for the world to criticize so how about we back off and let her wear whatever the hell she wants just like you and I do when we get dressed each day!?

She married a man she thought she loved, felt trapped in the “run up” to her wedding and ended the marriage in 72 days. In terms of mistakes, that’s a doozy. However, it’s just that; a mistake. Your friend made a mistake when he decided to drive home drunk from the party. Your sister made a mistake when she kissed your boyfriend. Your dad made a mistake when he walked out on you. Some mistakes can be forgiven and others can’t. And for all the “fakeness” she parades around, Kim is a woman who craved marriage and children and sometimes, in chasing dreams, we see ones that aren’t really there. She has a heart and she’s allowed to listen to it whenever she hears its voice.

5. Double standards.

No, Kim doesn’t have a talent. She became “famous” for a sex tape. We all know it. We remind her of this fact at every opportunity, and particularly when we compare her to Beyonce. And that’s where the double standards come in. I get that Beyonce has talent, her voice is incredible, but let’s just stop and take a moment to appreciate the hypocrisy in celebrating one woman and degrading the other.

We celebrate Beyonce’s curves yet criticize Kim for hers because we assume the latter’s are fake. Why? We know that spending a lot of time in the gym can gain the curves she has especially when she has the amount of time to dedicate to them. I would love to have her boobs, flat stomach and bum and I know a lot of my male friends wouldn’t mind getting hold of them either! So she’s probably had plastic surgery on her face but who says Beyonce hasn’t had some too?!

We hound Kim for becoming famous for sex and yet are we not listening hard enough to Beyonce’s lyrics? Her daughter Blue (who doesn’t get criticized for her name which I think is just as weird as North) will grow up to discover that the first album her mother produced after her birth talks about giving her husband a blow job in the back of a limousine. Now, I’m sorry, but if you’re going to go after Kim on morals then you should be getting those pitch forks out for Beyonce too. I’m all for independent women but she has spent years criticizing other artists for “showing too much skin” and yet, despite having her ass hanging out of her “body” suit on her latest world tour, she continues to bask in glory.

All I’m saying is this: how about we channel all of our wasted, hateful energy into something worthwhile, like protesting environmental, issues instead of where Kim shops? How about writing about the tough time you’re going through instead of criticizing her decision to have a big wedding (or three). If Kim’s day-to-day routine and decisions are the biggest thing you have to get angry about, maybe you need to get a better life for yourself.