In 2017 — Be The Person Who Cares ‘Too Much’


Feelings are an essential role in humanity—and feelings are meant to be felt, not stowed away beneath a rough exterior.

Unfortunately in today’s society, it’s become the cardinal rule to be the person who cares less, shows less emotion, less interest, stays “calm, cool, and collected” during a shit storm. People strive to be the one who couldn’t possibly care less so that they win some metaphorical competition. But in reality, those people lose big time. They miss out on all the great things that come along with caring for real.

Reciprocate feelings, and if you can’t, then cut the damn cord between you two. Why stick around just to play the game?

Feeling and showing your emotions is a beautiful thing, it’s a natural thing. If you are wildly upset, then be wildly upset, damn it. Air out your grievances and allow yourself to feel it all. Scream your bloody brains out if that’s what you need. If you’re thrilled about your new promotion at work and you want to share it with the guy you just started seeing, get freakin’ excited! Jump up and down on your tippy-toes and be stoked about it. Throw your arms around his neck and plant a fat kiss on those lips. Share the moment because you know they’ll care about your joy. Start answering your messages when you receive them instead of waiting an hour to not seem desperate. Make plans with people even though you just saw them yesterday. Show up. Be present. Why should you have to be stoic and act like nothing matters? What’s the point?

We need to be the people who love deeper, try harder, and put in more effort because it is worth it in the end.

We need to grow into the people we want to be with. Express exactly what you want, and don’t back down because you’re afraid that it makes you look needy. The only thing that comes from not caring is indifference—how lackluster.

We need to start making feelings meaningful again. Tell people how you feel and actually mean it. Allow yourself to break down those concrete walls you’ve built around your heart for so long and let someone in. Show people that you care about them, don’t make it a competition to care less than they do.

It’s quite masochistic to numb yourself to feeling in order to be the one who has more control. What does it even matter if you “win” if the feelings aren’t there anyway?

Give a shit about things in 2017. Bring all your passion and your ferocity. If you fall down, then at least you can find solace in knowing you went down trying like hell—giving it your all.

Let’s learn how to put in more effort, to have genuine feeling, and to make people important to us again.

Instead of striving to care less, let’s all strive to be the one who cares more.