I’m Not Going To Stop Myself From Feeling Anymore


I always thought it was only love if two people felt the same way about one another. I’ve learned that was bs.

I’m a passionate person, I’m not going to stop myself from feeling anymore.

If it’s not crazy passionate, then is it worth it? I know how I want love and I want nothing short of intense. I tried to convince myself that the love I crave is rare. But why should it be? Who doesn’t want to feel someone wanting them the way they want them?

From this day on, I’m done settling for something that’s short of romantic.

Why should I let the world drag me down? I want to live life through the eyes of a romantic. I want to meet someone who feels the same way. Someone who will fight for love because if there’s one thing about this world is that no matter how much it sucks, Love is worth it. Everything can be mediocre but love shouldn’t be.

I want to love a person who has that mindset. That love should never be taken lightly that it should be the awe inspiring thing it is.
It won’t be about me alone though. I want to give my significant other the same amount, if not more, love than they can imagine. Love can’t be measured and one thing about it, is it’s the light of life. It keeps us going through our darkest days, it should never be something easily thrown out. And no matter how many times I get hurt, I’ll retain a lover’s spirit because the spirit of a lover resides in one element: hope.

Hope is something that is a drug to me and I’m fucking addicted to it.

No matter how many times the world tries to take it from me, I’m going to continue searching for that something amazing. That feeling to receive and give without feeling cautious about if it’s too much or too little because there’s no set amount.