I’m A Millennial Republican And I’m Sick Of All The Crying


Let me start by asking: do you remember a time when one’s political leanings were a topic kept wholly and unequivocally private? I do. I remember when it was uncouth, improper, and just plain rude to ask someone who they voted for and why outside of intimate family and loved ones. Do you want to know why that was such an excellent practice? Because it didn’t drive a stake between you, me, and everyone else. At the end of the day, your take on abortion, on the death penalty, on civil rights – these are the innermost things about you. They are very personal opinions. This is part of the reason I am so against the liberal attitude. I don’t feel the need to scream my opinions from every abstract rooftop I can find, gathering people to my cause. I also don’t feel the need to cast people from my proverbial Olympus when they have (the audacity) to disagree with me or my causes. This past year has been a media circus and a shitshow. I’ve long gone quiet as members of my party are painted as racists, bigots, and terrible people. It wasn’t enough that the silent majority showed up on Election Day and blew your minds to say “we’re here, we’re relevant”, the Republican personality is still constantly under fire.

I am a young, female Republican that has voted for candidates from both major political parties. And I didn’t make that decision blanketed in the ignorance of privilege. Privilege, especially racial privilege, is part of my life certainly. But I have suffered personally the way everyone suffers. And that is an important piece of knowledge to remember. Everyone comes from struggle. No one has a perfect life. Since when did the national currency become sympathy and pity? I have zero – let me reiterate – ZERO interest in playing the “who had the worse life” game with people my age. Because, believe me, I could play hardball if I wanted to about individual suffering. But I enjoy my privacy, and my dirty laundry is, unfortunately, none of your business. My struggle is not why people should notice me and remember my life. My sad story doesn’t chalk up my measure of relevance. How about my sense of humor? My undying loyalty? My work ethic? Those are the things I want celebrated. Not the fact that I’ve survived what I’ve survived. And because I’ve lived through real trauma, I want that to be the thing that defines me least. Today’s democrat seems to be a card carrying member in the belief of “you’re only as good as what you’ve overcome”, when they’re also championing the hope that one day, no one will have to overcome anything.

I voted for Donald Trump. Not out of choice, but out of necessity. That’s who my party chose as its representative. And, sorry to say it DNC, your party didn’t bring a valuable player to the table. I’m not going to be star-spangled thrilled for Hillary just because we share the common biological fact of both owning uteruses. Do I LIKE Donald Trump? No, I think he’s a big mouth who says stupid things and isn’t representative character of what I believe a president should be. But neither was Hillary Clinton. And neither was Barack Obama. In the light of no choice, I made one in the voting booth rather than being inactive.  And maybe this is hard for whoever holds the position of POTUS, but I swear to God, there needs to be a stop on the current Commander in Chief rolling over like a pig in shit over the celebrity of the position. You’re not a celebrity – you are much, much more than that. You’re our face to the rest of the world. Not a fucking actor or someone who shakes their shit on stage for my amusement. You’re not a star, you’re a country. That’s the job you signed up for. Not appearing on fucking Between Two Ferns. Not creating photo ops of you shooting hoops with Steph Curry. You’re more than a meme and more than a dad joke. Act like it. Do you know why I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton? Because she was so goddamn condescending. What, because I’m in my twenties, and you’re parading Jay-Z and Beyonce’s endorsement in my face, that’s it? Vote won? I don’t fucking think so. The absolute last thing I am concerned about when it comes to a president is who star-studded, ZERO political acumen Los-fucking-Angeles is voting for. If the 1% of people who are so removed from financial burden, from prejudice, from hardship of any kind, thinks you’re the end all be all of White House potential – that’s a major red flag for me. The American public and the American millennial is so much more than our likes on Facebook and what we read on Buzzfeed. And if that’s not obvious to you, then you’re not my candidate. Stop bumping tits with Katy Perry – go to fucking Wisconsin.

Socially, I’m a liberal person. I love the LGBT and queer community, and they should have every opportunity and every right to be happy in this world, whatever that may be. I believe in racial equality. Just because your ancestors were born closer to the equator than mine (because that’s exactly what difference in skin color is) is a non-fucking-entity and should be treated as such. As a professional woman fighting to find a place in corporate America, I’m definitely a feminist. I believe women of any and all races are capable, smart, better than the female stereotype, and a million other wonderful things. And you can keep your abortions, too, because I think they’re a necessity for people in special cases. But that doesn’t mean abortions are for me. We’re literally arguing a matter of life or death here, and just in case the sign-slinging left is wrong when we all meet our maker, I’d rather not fall on that side of the line. Our welfare system is a broken, shell of a thing that doesn’t find the people that need it and allows itself to be taken advantage of by far too many. I believe in a right to bear arms, because as a survivor of rape and someone who lives in a big city, there’s no way I’m going through that shit a second time. I believe in a capitalist country where the ceiling is only as high as you settle for, for individual instances of prosperity. The economy is a balancing act, and the more Obama poured his efforts into urban centers (his voters – shocker), the more the working class in Middle America suffered.

To me, the prime segregator between a millennial voter of opposing parties boils down to one thing – attitude. Far too many people today have their hands out for what they can get for as little effort as possible. Far too many people are bleeding hearts for every sob story. The modern democrat isn’t waging a war against Donald Trump, they’re waging a war against a person’s choice to be an asshole. If I want to be selfish with the money I’ve earned and see as much of it possible in my paycheck, I have that right. If I choose to be uncaring about whatever cause and it’s GoFundMe than you’ve posted, that’s okay, too. And you can turn your nose up at it as much as you want, but it doesn’t stop it from being true. Newsflash, enlightened NYC hipster – you are not the only people that exist. Just because you majored in philosophy at Fordham doesn’t mean you’re some renaissance man. It’s fucking disgusting to paint a Republican as “uneducated”. I have a Master’s Degree, and you can suck on it. In their efforts to be a social media vigilante for every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a struggle, the democrats have become the bullies. They’ll shame, troll, and shit on anyone who doesn’t think Bernie Sanders is the fucking Messiah. In their efforts to encircle everyone in their warm, squishy embrace, they’ve fleshed out an entire stereotype against 304 electoral districts worth of voters. The tables have turned – you’re the assholes, now. You’re no better than the Duck Dynasty backwater racists you paint most Republicans to be. Ripping down blue ribbons for law enforcement, Facebook status making, weeping on the picket line, crying on each other’s shoulders in the auditorium, straight up assholes. My struggle doesn’t define me. My shortcomings are not my identifiers. I don’t need your pity. And when I need your support, I’ll ask for it.  In the modern Democrat’s mission for extreme tolerance, they’ve become the alienators. So pull your head out of your ass, young blowhard. Take a look around. It’s never going to be Kumbaya for the masses. There is no safe space.