I’ll Never Stop Asking The Universe For You



Even though I don’t believe that it could grant wishes, I immediately thought of your name. It was like reflex, like my soul telling me what it wants, who it needs. I whispered your name so silently, just to make my wish official. Wishing for you was like throwing a coin into oblivion, never knowing if it would make my wish come true but at the back my mind I already know that it would not, but hopefully it would.

I didn’t want to wish for you. I could have said something better than your name, but is there such a thing? I could have ignored this 11:11 wish thing that they do but how else could I tell the universe how much I want to be with you?

I could have missed 11:11 and it could have been 11:12 when I checked the time, but it wasn’t. It was 11:11, what else could I have done but to wish for you.

This is how you affect me. That I’d be willing to believe and to do such ridiculous things just to try regulating my feelings for you. Because if you must know, there’s so much more of it from where it comes from and I don’t know where to put the rest of it anymore. My body wouldn’t be able to contain this wild heart of mine.

Soon enough it will overflow and I don’t know where it would go but hopefully by then, my wish would be granted and by then if that happens, you could keep some of these feelings I have for you. If you would have it, of course.

But if not.

Then, maybe I’ll discover other ways to allow my soul to shout at the universe who it needs, who it craves for and who it wants. Maybe one of them would work.

And maybe one day, the universe would give me you.