If You’re Struggling Right Now — Take A Moment To Read This


1. Don’t go ahead of time.

When we expatiate about “time”, we often forget that people really have different time zones. Time determines the change people want to happen in their lives. If right now, you still aren’t sure where to go next or to be even going, let it be. Don’t go ahead of your time. Cherish the moment you’re currently in, whether it is a moment of victory or a moment of disenchantment. Bear in your mind that it won’t last. So, treasure it in your mind and heart and be able to reminisce it in time.

2. You are not alone.

Another thing to keep in mind whenever you are confused about your life is that you are not alone. You don’t have to figure it out alone. Yes, it’s your life but sometimes it’s good to talk and receive enlightenments from other people. Talk to them and cry out to them if you want. There’s nothing better than having that ‘someone’ or ‘group’ who listen and fight with you.

3. Notice the little good things in your life.

Notice the cup of coffee your mother prepared for you. Notice that colleague smiling at you. Notice that the weather today is good enough. Notice your dog waiting for you at the gate. Notice the little things that we need to be grateful for. Those are the things deserving of our very precious attention. Sometimes, we cause our own confusions and struggles. We tend to focus on complexities of life, neglecting the more extravagant gifts and blessings from Him. I hope today you take time to notice even one little good thing in your life.

4. Contemplate positively by talking to Him.

I had experienced it for many times, that I wasted too many hours (and even days) thinking of things out of my control. I wasted planning and meditating ways to make my life happy and breathtaking again not realizing that it is only Him that has the power and ability to do it. Not seeing that His reason for making my life like this is that He wants me to call on Him, to talk to Him. He wants me to be brave enough in sharing everything, from the tiniest fear I have in my heart up to the biggest trouble I’m in at times. He is teaching me to depend on Him, because there’s more to life than all these confusions and struggles – it is Him. Let’s make our life more about Him and not of any other things.