If You’re STILL Not Sure Who You’re Voting For, I Hope You Read This


We’re here. One day before the election and the race is close. It’s scary to think no matter the outcome, there will be a significant amount of people extremely angry. No matter what happens, there will be people who are emotionally invested who will be inevitably let down and disappointed.

America is divided and that is not something that will change overnight. So ask yourself, which candidate do you believe will be able to unite America back together again?

The election has turned friends, colleagues, and even family against each other. Allegiance to either candidate is seen as a negative and if you choose not to vote, you are wasting your vote. You are wasting your right.

No matter the outcome, starting November 9th we have a lot of work to do. People are angry. People are disgusted. People are outraged. People feel disrespected. People feel lied to.

I wish I could say I’m not biased but it’s hard not to be. Not only as a woman but as a human being, I will never be able to get behind the despicable and inexcusable true self of Donald Trump.

The one thing consistent with Donald Trump is the behavior of a bully he exhibits regularly. He has an inability to take responsibility for his actions or apologize when he is wrong. He truly believes that he can’t be wrong, exposing insecurity that lives deep within him.

As a woman, Hillary has had to deal with a number of double standards throughout the election, too many to count.

Donald Trump has repeatedly lost his temper, acted irrational, rude and disrespectful, exhibited racism and sexism, mocked disabilities, used badmouthing as a defense mechanism, and threw human decency completely out the window.

Because Donald Trump is a man, this is celebrated by many. His constant bashing of Hillary Clinton sparks a bandwagon of hatred.

Although if Hillary acted irrationally on just one occasion, we would probably dismiss her as an emotional woman on her period, unfit to run a country.

Donald Trump has been married three times and has children by different women. This is completely ignored. Yet when Hilary’s husband has a sexual scandal years ago, she is forced as his wife (completely different person than Bill Clinton) to be associated, looked down upon, and attacked, (specifically by Donald Trump) on the matter.

The fact that Hillary has been able to remain so composed, and fight back with the ability to not fight fire with fire is incredible and beyond admirable.

“It’s hard to be a woman. You must think like a man, act like a lady, look like a young girl, and work like a horse.”

The fact of the matter is that one of these two candidates is going to be our president. The fact of the matter is our country is currently divided.

How are we going to come back from that? Do you think a candidate that has based his entire campaign on hating the other candidate while also hating groups of people he is unfamiliar with can bring us back together? The same candidate that said he would only accept the outcome of the race if he won, do you really think he will be able to bring us back together? Or do you think he will seek vengeance on those who didn’t support him?

Or do you think the candidate that has stood behind all groups of people, no matter the race, sex, religion, will be able to bring us back? The candidate that said she wants to help those who voted for her and those who didn’t vote for her.

Who you vote for is your choice. But I’m with her.