If You Want The Perfect Relationship, You Have To Accept The Fact He’s Flawed


Women are emotional creatures. Most of the time we’re often portrayed as the complicated gender in a relationship. Because we are. We’re over-thinkers, insecure, have high expectations and we’re, most of the time, emotional.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all relationships are like this.

I guess we can blame it on the books that we read or the movies that we see that we have these standards set when we love someone. Men tend to take your ‘No’ as NO. Unlike us women when we say ‘No’, we may actually be saying a hundred more words than that. Why can’t we just say what we mean, right?

Let’s be real, at some point in our lives or in any of our relationships, no matter how independent and strong we are, we still want to be taken care of, to be spoiled, to be respected, to be right in a fight or a discussion, to be treated like queens, and have our wants and needs taken care of.

These are just bonuses and perks of being in a relationship. In this dog-eat-dog world, you’re lucky to find yourself in a healthy and loving relationship. The truth is, men want the same as well; to be treated as your equal, to be respected, to let them take care of you as well as to be taken care of, to be treated like kings.

Relationships take a lot of work. It requires so much of your time, effort and sacrifices are made. It isn’t always smooth sailing but whenever it gets rocky, it is important that you always choose each other.

Women tend to expect their man to be perfect, but it isn’t as simple as that. Men aren’t perfect. No one is. They’ll have their flaws, they’ll have their faults, and they have insecurities. Sometimes the situation would limit their efforts to show they care. But trust that they do love you, they do want to be with you, and that they do want to make an effort to keep you happy.

As much as you want your partner to be there on your parents’ anniversary dinner or your sibling’s confinement in the hospital, your man has a life to lead too. Yes, he will make time to attend the important dates of your life but in return let him manage his time for that. Understand and learn if he has the capability to do your expectations of him. Sometimes, he also has responsibilities to take care as well.

Men will do what you want them to do to keep you happy, but also to a certain extent. If you keep expecting them to be perfect, chances are they’ll get tired of keeping up with your expectations and you’ll be pushing them away.

Expecting them to be perfect could be the reason why certain relationships end.

Relationships should be respectful of each other’s needs. If there are problems then there’s no other way but to talk about it and compromise. If he missed one of your important events, then let him make it up to you. If he does make it up to you or he does make it to your important events, then reward him and let him feel that he is loved. The same way you do not talk to them for hours (or days) and you let them feel that they made a huge mistake if he does something right and he made up for his mistakes, make him feel that he did the right thing.

So ladies, keep your expectations and standards at a minimum. THINK and consider if he is able to do the things you want him to do if his time would allow it if the distance would allow it if the budget or the circumstance would allow it.

After all, this relationship isn’t just about YOU being happy. This relationship is about him as well. This is about the both of you because you’re both in this relationship together.

You should be choosing him as well and supporting him as well.

Be supportive of each other’s life and career goals and do not hinder them from growth. It’s high time that you stop thinking about how he should keep you happy. In the first place, you should have been happy without him trying to.

It’s high time that you stop making a list of what a partner should be or how they should keep up with your expectations. Instead, try putting a list of how you can improve or how to keep the relationship work.

Remember, if you know your worth and you keep pushing them to value you by making more time then don’t you think they value their worth as well and wouldn’t think they deserve someone who sees their efforts? Appreciate the little things. After all, our partners deserve to be treated with the same love and respect that you want from them. Choose each other every day.