If You Want A Love That Lasts, Make Sure God Is In It


There is a beauty in letting things be, in accepting that what is meant for you will come in time.

The hardest battle we often face is holding on to something so tight that we lose sight of ourselves, of our worth, of what we truly deserve. These are truths that ring true. But when you are in the moment; when the surge of love is so strong within you, when your every breath is infused with their being, these simple truths are often dismissed. Suddenly the void of their absence is so deep, their silence is too loud, your loneliness too heavy and you find yourself going back over and over and over.

In those moments of noise when the heartbreak is almost deafening, there is a whisper amidst the chaos. The words of a God who knows us so intimately, who cares for us in an unfathomable way. Whose presence never lessens even when we don’t feel Him near. A God whose love for us remains even when we feel unloved.

Experiencing heartbreak is the harshest weapon for the soul. It fools us into thinking that our worth, our happiness is found in the hands of this one person and if they don’t want us, all is lost. Heartbreak often tricks us into thinking that what makes life beautiful can be reduced to what one person can give us, and we remain so fixated on them that we forget how futile and limiting this thinking is.

There is certainly a beauty in letting painful love go, but there is peace in realizing that what God intends for you will happen in the right way.

In so many life situations, but especially in heartache, the words of Charles Swindoll can provide such comfort:

When God is in it, it flows. When the flesh is in it, it is forced. If He is in it, it’s remarkable how approval will be granted, how a growing interest will percolate, and how the timing will fall right into place. It will come together almost in spite of you.”

Life carries on when this love that we want so desperately fails us. Yet God is near and gently mends our broken hearts. When God is in it, everything that is meant to happen will come together effortlessly. There is indeed a strength in letting things be, in accepting what is and holding on to the hope that a love that is meant for you will come to you. It will seek you and it will find you. It will come together almost in spite of you.