If You Surrender Yourself To Love, You Will Always Win



The very notion of you rocks me at my core.

For you were written into time and space,

delivered to the stars centuries ago.

Your skin and bones sewn from galaxies past

Your lungs rich with your father’s first breath.

Find within your heart the four chambers circulating

Scarlet anecdotes of loves lost and battles won.

Discern the boundless map of yesterday and tomorrow

That lay within your open palms.

You are as much a home as you are a destination.

An uncharted space of foreign familiarity,

The junction of indecision and resolve.

You are a multitude of languages.

A resilient society, a striking curiosity, a remarkable infinity.

May you come to learn your power and refine your wisdom

Against the psychological warfare that this earth will throw at you.

May your humility be broken and built back up again,

Securing the rungs of the ladder to your ancestors and great-grandchildren.

Let your feet sink into the dirt

For a second, third, fourth time.

Permit your knees to shake, yourself to falter

You, my perpetual being, will come to recognize

That You. I. We have done this all before.

Refuse those who take your hand

And continuously offer deceit, fear, and sorrow.

For you will find that

Actions will often scream what the mouth can barely whisper.

And though they will try to break you,

Victimize and sedate you,

May you, my testament to synchronicity,

Continue to perforate the atmosphere

Heavy in your intention, light in your control.

Contrary to what they say,

If you surrender yourself to love,

You will always win.

Until next time, Child:

Be gracious with your defenses

And stand tall in your spirit

Saturated with the effervescence of nature’s elements combined.

For we will look to the stars, trees, and mountaintops

And watch as you stake the earth with truth and victory.