If You See The Girl With The Broken Soul


What would you do if you saw a girl drowning in her own tears all alone. As you walk through the busy train station trying to make the last train home, or through the parking lot with your groceries, or past her in the hall. Would you stop to see if she was okay?

What could she be crying about? Could it be that she found out the “one” cheated on her and isn’t really the one or that a loved one just passed away? Could it be that those who told her they never walked away did or that the person that she trusted the most was nothing but a lie. Maybe it’s just the weight of the world is crashing down on her in this very moment as you make your way past her.

But you stop and say nothing.

Maybe it’s just a case of wrong place at the wrong time. Her being in the wrong place to be wallowing in her tears and you being in the wrong time frame to walk past her.

If that was your daughter there all alone how would you feel? Would you want someone to stop and maybe just say hello; smile at her and just tell her everything is going to be okay?

Would you want someone to make her feel less alone? 7 billion people in the world and it is still so easy to feel all alone.

But how could this be?

The world is becoming colder by day, making the idea of “global cooling” seem more realistic. The world is becoming crueler too and the littlest things like smiling at a stranger have become so far-fetched.

We mistake kindness for weakness but really the weak one is the girl in tears on the street corner; who never knew what kindness truly was. That is why she mistook it for weakness.

Because she didn’t know the power of love and having someone to hold her and tell her everything is going to be okay.

Don’t be the one that walks by a sad, broken soul. Just a smile and “everything will be okay,” goes a long way. You’ll never know her full story or where those tears came from but the smallest acts of kindness are the most powerful.

If you see a broken soul just hold her, and tell her…

“Everything is going to be okay my dear.”