If You Receive Any Of These 19 Texts From Your Ex After Midnight, Don’t Bother Responding


1. “heeeyyyyyy”

2. “how have you been?”

3. “hey, are you still awake?”

4. “sorry if this is weird, i just wanted to talk. can I call you?”

5. “thinking about you lately”

6. “😍😍😍”

7. “what are you doing right now?”

8. “you up?”

9. “can i come over?”

10. “do you even care how much you hurt me?”

11. “i just need to talk to you”

12. “hi.”

13. “fuuuuuck”

14. “👋👋”

15. “I miss you”

16. “I miss youuuuu”

17. “do you want to get coffee sometime?”

18. “we never had break up sex”

19. “you look really sexy in that photo you just posted”