If You Consider Any Of These 7 Things A ‘Deal Breaker’ You Deserve To Be Single


Don’t let the little things make or break your relationship.

“Deal breakers” tend to be the be all, end all in a relationship. Sometimes we feel the littlest things are deal breakers, like he farts too much or he laughs at everything and thinks everything is a joke. Yes, major deal breakers like he has anger issues or is a raging alcoholic should matter when deciding whether or not to stick around in a relationship. However, his gas issues shouldn’t weigh more than the love that he has for you. These minimal deal breakers won’t matter in the long run. As long as you know that he loves you and his intentions are good, then his fart fests won’t matter in the long run.

1. Age. Seriously, age is just a number. At the end of the day, if he makes you happy, it shouldn’t matter that he is three years younger or three years older. Now that doesn’t mean go around dating someone who could pass for your grandpa, but a few years is totally no big deal.

2. His Body. Looks aren’t everything, I promise you that. Muscles and abs do not define character, and honestly from what I’ve learned, those features only add to an ego, which is never a good thing. Giant teddy bears give the best cuddles, remember that.

3. The Opinions Of Your Friends. I can not stress this one enough. Your friends will always be your go-to people, however, no one knows how you feel in a relationship other than you. Are your friends single or in a relationship themselves? Their own personal experiences are going to have an impact on their opinion of him. Take what they have to say into consideration but never to heart. Your family’s opinion of him should matter more.

4. Who He Has Been With In The Past. No, a body count of 20 plus isn’t attractive and probably not a good characteristic of someone to be in a relationship with, however, just because his last girl was super attractive does not mean he’s not going to stay with you. Or just because his ex is absolutely crazy and still contacts him and tries to contact you does not mean you should call it quits.

Also, don’t let how many serious relationships he’s been in define him either. You may be the first serious one because he hasn’t found anyone else to be serious with, not because he doesn’t know how to settle down.

Everyone has to be the crazy ex at some point …

5. If He Is A Homebody… Or A Momma’s Boy. If he loves his mom more than he loves you, that’s probably not the worst thing in the world. If he still lives at home, that’s not a completely terrible thing either. As long as his mom still isn’t doing his laundry and he has a job where he is making his own money, there is nothing terrible about still being home with Momma.

If he treats his mom well and respects her, he’s going to do the same for you.

6. His Job Title. The serious deal breaker would be that he doesn’t have a job and makes absolutely no money to support himself. Just because he has a weird job that sounds super boring does not mean you should let this break the relationship.

7. He Is Not A Verbal Person… especially when it comes to saying how he feels. This may seem like the biggest deal in the world, however, I personally can say that its not. Not everyone is going to feel comfortable coming right out and saying exactly how they feel. Things like that don’t change right away. It is important to have patience with him; he will say exactly how he feels when he is ready.