If We Ever Get A Second Chance, I Will Never Let You Go


Will I find you in another life? Yep, maybe, if reincarnation is real, if it is possible, if it does exist, sure. I’ll come looking for you.

Why? Because why not? If it exists, I will hold your hand like it is meant to be with me the whole time. If I ever find you in what they call “the next life”, I’ll be brave enough to make decisions that’ll assure that you are, and will always be, beside me. In that next life, I’ll do whatever it takes. I don’t mind what you look like, where you are in this world, but sure as hell I will look for you. In another life, I won’t wait anymore, because the last time I waited, you came back with someone else.

I will be brave enough to fight for you; if another chance is possible, I want to spend it with you.

If star-alignment really has something to do with our “destiny,” our “fate,” I don’t mind being an astronomer, a meteorologist, or even an astronaut. Whatever it takes to make you destined to be mine, or vice-versa. You are my every wish in every single shooting star I witness; you are my 11:11 twice a day, seven days a week, four weeks a month, 12 months a year. You are my sweet dream in every nightmare I have; you are the prince charming in every princess I dream to be.

You are, and will always be, the exception to every rule I make in this unorganized life of mine.

In a parallel universe, maybe there you’ll love me more than I love you. Maybe in there, you will be the one to beg for me to stay. If there is a place where a different us exists, a different us breathes, I am hoping, even just once, that we are meant to be together, forever. To be together ‘til the end of time. If not this time, not on this planet, not with the stars in our galaxy, I hope somewhere out there, somehow, even if it is on different planet, different time, just please be mine ‘til the end, for once, just once.

If someday on this planet, in our time, we are to be given a chance to forgive every mistakes we’ve made, to take back every foul words we’ve said, to heal every scratches and bruises we’ve given, and to ignite our flame the ocean once washed ashore. If second chances are possible, if second chances are, I’ll grab it, I’ll cherish it, I’ll be thankful for it, I won’t take it for granted.

If only we are to be given the chance to write our second chapter, I’ll write it with a happy ending.