If They’re Not Doing These 8 Things Every Day, They Don’t Really Love You


We always have our topmost relationship goal: to be with them for a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if you’re together for just days or years. Sometimes, we just need validation if our loved ones are meant to stay forever. We want assurance that as we take care of them, they’re also working on how to treasure us. If they’re not doing the following things every day, then it’s time for us to better think twice.

1. They send “Good morning” and “Good night” messages.

This is when consistency is really in their system. They make us sure that we are in their thoughts, even in the littlest matters. This is their way of saying “You’re the first and last thought of my day.” This kind of messages will never go out of style. This will always be an effective way to turn on your beau.

2. They keep on doing funny ways to cheer us up.

Whether we had a good or a bad day, it will always have a happy ending. Our main person will find ways to keep the bliss in us. Our smiles mean the world to them. Their existence in this universe is bounded to be a blessing in our lives. They will crack stupid jokes, out-of-timing dance moves or random sarcasm – everything to keep us shining.

3. They update us with their whereabouts.

We know where they are or what their up to, without forcing them to do so. It feels like we are always a part of their decisions. Our opinions matter to them. They won’t give us doubts. They won’t leave questions in our minds. They won’t bring worries in our heads. They will keep us certain that we are valuable to them. We all deserve this kind of assurance – simple yet meaningful.

4. They listen to our rants.

Our human diaries are inside these awesome people. They listen to our thoughts even if it’s cursing someone who irritates us or being impressed with our colleagues. They are always ready to hear our random talks, sentiments and stories. They agree or disagree with honesty. They give words of wisdom and helpful advice. They make things better. They bring light upon us.

5. They make us feel beautiful.

Their compliments make our day. They appreciate the effort that we give with our fashion statements. They even love it more when we’re all natural. They will say straight up to our faces what we really look like, ugly or not, but still sees us with radiant glow. This is a gift that every relationship should have, at all times. It comes with a spark.

6. They check up on us from time to time.

No matter how busy their schedule gets, a “How are you doing, babe?” will be a part of their whole. During breakfast, lunch or dinner, they will make sure that our stomachs will not pass. When sad news pops, they will call us right away to help us focus on our tracks. They always make sure that we’re okay. They are our guardians with their own heroic gestures.

7. Their “Hello” and “Goodbye” comes with a kiss.

According to a study that was conducted during the 1980’s, men who kiss their wives before leaving for work live longer, get into fewer accidents and have a higher income than married men who don’t. Even if we haven’t tied the knot with them, kissing us right after seeing each other and before parting ways is keen to them. It is an affectionate way of reminding us that we’re special. It’s like giving us a good memory before starting or ending our meetings with them.

8. They say “I love you.”

Even in the most random moment, they will say these three words to us. Sometimes, it will come with a hug-from-the-back or while having movie marathon on the couch. When it’s us who utters this to them, they will immediately respond with an “I love you too.” As romantic as it is, they will always have a way to make us feel loved.

We deserve to be loved, every day. We deserve to feel it from the people who have our hearts. We should be lucky enough to finally found someone who adores us sincerely, wholly and passionately.