If They Really Wanted To Be With You, They Will Let You Know


A person who really wants to talk with you will always find a way. They won’t make you wait. They won’t use “read receipts” showing they got half your message when you sent it, but didn’t, or couldn’t (or wouldn’t) respond to it for 6 hours.

A person who wants more than just “friends with benefits” won’t tell you they really, really like you. And, then go out of their way to go deep with you, find out out what makes you tick. What makes you vulnerable and why you have your guard up. They won’t. Unless, there’s something really fucked up with them.

They won’t make you feel like you matter one day and then ever, ever, ever let you feel like you might be a secret the next. Not if they want to earn your trust and be with you long term. It just wouldn’t be worth the work. Unless maybe they had something deeply troubling inside of them. Like maybe they’re really, truly broken and they don’t know how to deal with it.

It’s not that hard.

Especially after you’ve told them upfront that you don’t want to be blown off. Because you deserve to be a priority. And it’s not about being “high maintenance” or some juvenile label. You’re upfront about your needs. You’ve told him that you like him. You’re open (this time) and you’re ready for something more.

Because the fact is: you can get laid anytime you want. Why would you want some weird bullshit drama to wrap it up in now? Why bother? Just be authentic, already. Just grow up. And this goes for everyone. Stop lying about being such a goddamn loser. Be honest. Tell us if you’re hung up on your ex. Tell us if you want us and like us but you can’t back up your story. If you can’t be a good guy, then just stop pretending. There’s a place for you—the asshole, the loser, the piece of shit. Trust us. We’ll find you when we don’t feel like investing our hearts. When we don’t want to open up. The difference?

We’ll fucking tell you.