If I Believed In Soulmates, I’d Believe You Were Mine


Since the day I met you I’ve been all about you. I’ve been completely about you. You’re just the kind of person that I’m completely drawn to.

All it takes is the thought of you to make me smile and that goofy grin you have makes my heart happy. Your laugh can change my mood for the better, even on my worst days. You’ve got this thing about you that just makes me hold on.

Every time I saw you I was filled with excitement to the core. You brought out the best in me and made me feel something I didn’t know was possible. I felt safe when I was with you. When I looked in your eyes I didn’t think I felt a comfort, I felt a home. The way you’d wrap your arms around me made me forget about all the bad going on in the world. The way you’d kiss me made me feel like I could never get enough.

You made me feel a way I’ve never felt before you and that I have yet to find after you.

There isn’t a day that you don’t cross my mind.

It’s been almost eight months since I’ve seen you last and every time I think back to the last night we were together it fills me with happiness, while simultaneously filling my with sadness from missing you. I look at our pictures, I think of how happy I looked next to you and I remember the way I felt by your side.

I realized that if I believed in soulmates that you would be mine, I just don’t know if I’d be yours.

And that thought is heartbreaking.

The way you make me feel still is rare and it’s real. You’re not just someone I’m elaborating in my mind to convince myself that I like you. You’re so much more than that.

But I don’t know what I am to you. I don’t know if you feel the same way as I do because we never talked about it. We just loved each other when we were together and I’ve continued to miss you ever we went our separate ways.

You’re the person who I’d fly back home to see if you asked.

You’re the person who jokes with me about how we’re the same person. You’re the person who loves having fun and values friendships just as much as I do. You’re the person who I can relate to on so many levels and someone who continues to this day to support me and believe in me.

You’re so special to me and I’ll always carry a piece of you in my heart where ever I go. Every flight I’ll get on I’ll wish you were next to me. Every new city I wander through I’ll wish your hand were intertwined with me. Every new pair of lips I kiss I’ll wish they were yours.

I hate that we’re apart right now, it kills me some days, but we each had dreams to follow. We followed our dreams, picked different paths and we went separate ways, but maybe one day we will wind back up in each other’s arms. That’s all I can hope for.

If I believed in soulmates I’m convinced you’d be mine.