If He Actually Wanted To Date You, He’d Never Do These 15 Douchey Things


1. Blows you off. Canceling plans, especially a few hours before, is rude AF. He shouldn’t toss out some lame excuse and then vaguely mention how you two should hang out some other time. If he really liked you, then he’d make new plans to replace the ones that he screwed up.

2. Turns up the charm. If he normally treats you like shit, and then turns around and starts acting like a gentleman when you’re finally thinking about leaving, it’s all an act. He wants to keep you around for his own amusement.

3. Sends mixed signals. If he ignores your texts, comments on how hot your Instagram pic is, and then posts his own pic with another girl, he’s just messing with you. He knows what he’s doing. He’s having fun.

4. Leads you right into his bedroom. If he wanted a real relationship with you, he’d take you out on a legitimate date or at least stop in the kitchen to introduce you to his parents (or roommates). If he’s not doing any of that, he’s only looking for sex.

5. Tells you he’s not ready for a relationship. It doesn’t matter if he walked in on his ex fucking his brother and now has more baggage than he can carry. If he likes you, he’ll still try to make a relationship work with you. He won’t settle for an almost relationship or friends with benefits.

6. Drops out of your life. It doesn’t matter if he spent a full week texting you compliments. If he drops out of your life the week after that, then he doesn’t care about you–not enough, anyway.

7. Refuses to kiss you in public. If he acts funny when you try to touch him when other people are around, it’s because he doesn’t want anyone looking at you like you’re an item. He wants everyone to continue thinking he’s single.

8. Expects you to do everything. If he expects you to do everything, from sending the first text to getting on top during sex, then he’s not as invested in the relationship as you are. He’s just seeing how much he can get without doing any work.

9. Flirts with other girls. Screw playing hard to get. If he really liked you, then he’d spend less time trying to make you jealous and more time trying to make you happy.

10. Claims he’s busy. If he’s constantly telling you that he misses you, but then goes off about how busy he is when you try to make actual plans, then he doesn’t really want to date you. He just wants to lead you on.

11. Texts while you’re talking. He could at least wait until you finish your sentence to pick up his cell and start typing. Of course, it’s still rude to text other girls when you’re out on a “date,” even if you’re sitting in silence.

12. Makes you feel shitty about yourself. Backhanded compliments are not compliments. And pointing out how ugly your lipstick looks is not flirty. It’s a red flag.

13. Is silent about how he feels. If he hasn’t slapped a label on your relationship, and clams up whenever you mention commitment, then he isn’t interested. He probably likes your body, but that’s about it.


14. Sends you booty calls. If it looks like he’s using you for sex, he’s probably using you for sex.

15. Texts you as soon as you’re about to get over him. He knows how much time has passed. He knows that you’re ready to move on. And he doesn’t want that. He wants to keep torturing you from afar.