I Would Rather Have A Few Friends Than Fake Friends


“You cut people off a little quickly.” Multiple people have said that to me.

It’s an action that I take to ensure that only deserving people become my friend or companion.

To address the quote above, yes I do. I “cut” people off rather fast. Although I never do that without a good reason.

The biggest life lesson that needs to be learned “yesterday” is that everyone is capable of making decisions that will enhance the life they live or simply destroy it. I chose the first one.

There are over 7 billion people on the planet and very few will be allowed into my personal bubble of compatibility and trust.

An outsider doesn’t understand how draining it is to deal with somebody versus spending time with somebody. Donating time should be because one wants to and it should be for a purpose that will hopefully end well.

Giving time to someone who doesn’t deserve it is never okay. It’s a statement that seems more obvious than it is.

This is hard for someone trying to make a mismatched relationship work, or trying to be more social with the wrong crowd, or even trying to put themselves out there because they want that sense of acceptance.

What they don’t realize is that they are living with negativity produced by themselves, and it’s difficult to overcome that. There’s not a day I don’t witness someone irritated by another person on way more than one occasion.

Yet, there is nothing that can be done unless the person in the midst of trouble decides to come out of it.

One can give advice, but the person with the problem has to take ultimate control.

Since I enforce this lesson as a daily given right, I am also known as someone with few friends, which may be why so many don’t want to push the toxic out at first.

Though, the old saying “quality over quantity” couldn’t be more relevant. I have found the happiness I need and want. This is never something I question in this aspect of my life. It’s refreshing.

If anything, those outsiders should be proud that someone so young has this class checked off before several others. This one makes the other lectures in life seem a little too easy. It’s better to set down a positive foundation first before anything else.

I put this lesson to good use every day because, most importantly, I deserve it, and so does every individual.