I Wish You Had Never Taken Me For Granted


I committed a murder tonight, but don’t call the cops

I am telling you this because you should be concerned

dead is the person you used to know, the hopelessly hopeful little girl

the one who used to look to her right to imagine you’re right next to her

and gently close her hand as if she is holding yours

the one who always knew how to say please whenever asking for a favor

when really, what she wanted to say was, “please love me back”

the one who knew how to try and stitch every one of your huge wounds

but never got the thank you she has always deserved

the one who looked at your lips like they were her favorite dessert

the dessert she’d save up for times of sadness or happiness

the one who’d follow your figure, look out for you to make sure you were safe

she’d put your safety first before her own and you wouldn’t even know it

the one who watched you fall for this girl, the girl with great hair, great eyes, great smile

and listened to you talk to her about Great Girl without falling apart in front of you

the one who’d ask herself why you never saw her like that

and sleep with pillows wet from her tears

the one who’d smile when you and Great Girl get together

then instantly shatter into pieces once you two are not around

the one who was set aside and forgotten,

whose place in your life was taken by someone else

the one who knocked on your door to be let in in your world again

but only got disappointed when she got abandoned for another time

the one who battled her thoughts on whether she

should continue loving you or just give up

the one who showed up in front of me and begged me to kill her

just so the suffering may end

I listened to her wish and granted her peace

so she’ll no longer come back to you and you won’t be able to take her for granted

I hope you’re happy now

now that I’m no longer the same girl hopelessly in love with you