I Will No Longer Allow Myself To Be Guilt-Tripped


No longer will I be made to feel guilty for taking time to myself to heal.

No longer will I be made to feel bad for cancelling plans when my energy is fading.

No longer will I be forced into agreeing with things that negatively impact my soul.

No longer will I surround myself with those who don’t understand the necessity of spiritual wellbeing.

Darling, you grow up and prioritize people for most of your life over your own needs, your own soul, your own body. You say ‘yes’ to things you should have said ‘no’ to; you nod when you should have been profusely shaking your head; you politely agree in order to not cause conflict or any sort of resistance, thinking that there is no harm to come from it.

When you neglect yourself to make others happy, you alter your perception of what is best for you.

You tell yourself that helping these people will make you happy when it’s costing you well-needed time with your family or the chance to relax with your pet at home, which you haven’t seen for a few days. You give into their demands after they make you feel bad for having boundaries and you don’t think much of it. You tell yourself that you’re a good friend. You’re someone they can always rely on.

But the more you give into the guilt-tripping, the more difficult it becomes to stand up for yourself. You begin moulding your needs around other people until their say is the final say. You begin acting in a way that pleases them without even knowing it.

They can guilt trip you all they like. Remember that saying ‘no’ and being kind can exist together. You must put yourself first, even if you have been neglecting your needs for the longest time.

It starts now. You have that power to reestablish yourself.