I Was Terrified Of Losing My Boyfriend, So I Drove 300 Miles To Offer Him My Naked Body


While riding the lift to my boyfriend Dave’s room at the Holiday Inn, I stole a look at my reflection in the shiny surface of the elevator wall. I looked as I was – a woman in her late thirties who drove through the night with just clothes on her back and a purse in a desperate attempt to hold onto her man.

“Your problem is not that you are desperate to get a man Myra, but do you have to be so obvious about it?” My best friend Janice always asks me. I knew she would not approve of this last minute effort I undertook.

Dave and I were dating for last two years, but in the last six months or so I felt us drifting apart. Then he had this job opportunity in another town over three hundred miles away from where we lived. I was reluctant for him to take this offer as I had a job too, and it would have been difficult for me to move from the town I had spent all my adult life in. We had a few arguments in last week, and finally Dave told me he wanted to give this opportunity a try no matter what. He was to undergo a series of interviews and discussions with the top management starting this morning.

Yesterday evening, I returned to the apartment I shared with Janice, and suddenly I was struck with the certainty that if I did not let Dave know how much I needed him, he would drift away. Not only was he two years younger than me, but also a much more self-assured, outgoing man.

So, acting completely on instinct, I jumped in my car and drove almost all night to the hotel he checked in last evening.

I wanted to act cool, though. I wanted to come across as a girlfriend just eager to give a sexy surprise to her man. Beneath my nondescript t-shirt and jeans I wore my best pair of satin bra and panties. I had even planned some sexy lines when he would open the door. Something like “I am the room service you ordered, Sir.”

All of that went out the door the moment I rang the doorbell, and Dave opened the door in a hotel issued bathrobe. His mouth hung open in surprise, and I tried to smile but midway through that effort, my lips started quivering and my legs nearly buckled. I did not wait for him to move aside to let me enter the room but nearly jumped in his arms, sobbing.

“Myra, my God! What happened baby?” He asked as he held me and awkwardly, and shut the door with one hand. I refused to speak, and clung to him as sobs wrecked my body. I was afraid to even kiss him now for the fear of smearing his face with the tears and the snot. Oh My God, what kind of needy, whiny impression I was making on him?

And then, to my utter surprise, Dave turned my face towards him and wiped my tears with his long, elegant fingers. He shook his head no and gently, so gently closed his lips with mine. That was all the response my needy, shameless self needed. I stood on toes, (he is almost a foot taller than I am) and kissed him back. I pushed my body against his, trying to feel the comfort of his hard, lean body. He walked me inside his small room, and made me seat on the bed.

“What happened baby?” he asked me again.

I knew there was no way I could get away acting cool now. Fuck cool, fuck asserting yourself girl, you need him, tell him so.

“Please don’t leave me Dave, I…. I love you and I …” I again broke down. I put my head on his shoulders, and sobbed while he stroked my dark hair.

“I need you to be with me Dave” I said when I could. My cheeks were burning with shame. I could hear Janice’s voice in my ear, “Good, why don’t you throw yourself at his feet, and offer yourself as his concubine while you are at it, darling?”

Dave sat with his head bowed for a minute. When he looked up, his brown eyes seemed strangely expressionless, but his hand reached and unbuttoned my blouse’s top button. I involuntarily drew my breath, and closed my eyes. Another button opened, and then another. He eased my shirt over my shoulders. My breasts heaved inside the sexy bra I wore. Looking down at my slightly oversized breasts in the red bra, I felt silly. Dave would laugh at this silly woman who drove three hundred miles wearing the ‘fuck me’ clothes.

Instead, he eased one strap from my shoulder. My nipple, exposed to the chilly air of the room, stiffened instantly. He bent to take it in his mouth, and sucked on it. His hands fumbled on the bra clasp on my back. He undid it with my help, and pushed so that I lay on his bed with my legs still dangling. Dave dropped his robe and rolled on top of me. He closed my lips with his, and kneaded my breasts with both hands. I grinded my crotch against his, and felt his manhood getting in attack mode. Our clothes could not come off soon enough for me. Soon I lay on my back with my legs bent at knees. Dave stroked my face, and kissed me again while entering me. I gasped and let out a long sigh. Dave thrusted harder, and I responded with an arched back.

“Oh you silly silly woman…” he murmured as he built the tempo of our lovemaking. The cheap bed of the motel creaked as I wrapped my thighs around his hard middle, and held his strong shoulders. Dave buried his face in my breasts and sucked on my nipples again. Our lovemaking was sweet because we were both in it, intense because it was unexpected. When we finished within a few moments of each other my face was wet with my tears.

I mostly stayed in bed through the day while Dave went to meet his prospective employers.

He returned in the early evening and found me in bed, recently showered, scrubbed and gloriously naked. Dave discarded his suit, and climbed in bed with me.

This time, he made me sit on all fours, and entered me from behind. We rarely fucked in this position, and having a man sitting on his knees behind my ample rump and entering me from behind drove me even wilder. Dave too was excited to find his girlfriend waiting for him in bed like this, and this time we were feverish, he was a little rough; spanking my bottom a few times, and kneading my breasts through my armpits till they had his marks on them. I buried my face in the pillow, and allowed my man to ram me to both our content. We finished with Dave sitting in bed with his legs spread before and me straddling him. He held my buttocks, and guided me up and down on his hard cock. I held his shoulders and impaled myself willingly again and again on him. Dave gave me big love bite on my breasts at the moment of climax.

Dave wanted to take me out and buy new clothes since I had packed nothing except for the blouse and jeans I wore. I told him I had no interest in sight-seeing. I stayed in the room and watched TV most of the time he was out. When he was in, he was in if you know what I mean!

Dave got the job, and decided move to the new city. He asked me to move in with him t, and despite of most of my girlfriend’s advice to the contrary, I decided to give up my job, and move with him. Dave and I made it work. I got pregnant within six months of moving to the new place (I did not have much else to do hehe), and we got married when I was five months along.

It is six years to that incident now, and we have two boys aged five and four. When the boys are a little older, Dave and I are planning to check in the same room of the same hotel.

I will pack nothing except the clothes I am wearing.