I Was Nothing But A Body To You


I never felt more powerful

than when I felt her clench her lips

so tightly around my two curled fingers.

What a sight to see —

that back arching,

her screaming and gasping

in ecstasy.

I was insatiable,

as I kept on licking, kissing, sucking

every part of her flesh until

she clenched

again and again.

It’s all I wanted for years — from you.

But I could never get a rise out of you.

You always had to bring me down

to get up.

I never seemed to be enough;

You always wanted, needed me to be

your dirty girl, your slut,

forcing me on my knees

and shoving yourself down my throat.

You loved that sound —

the sound of me gagging,

and gasping for air.

You loved it when I choked.

I could feel you

getting harder and harder

inside my mouth

when you looked down

and saw that I couldn’t breathe.

It never seemed to phase you –

that I wasn’t enjoying it as much as you.

Not at all, in fact.

Because you always kept going, like clockwork,

onto Act Two —

this is when you would bend me over,

make me get on all fours.

This is when you grabbed my hair

forced yourself inside of me —

raw, dry and unnerved —

still calling me

Your dirty girl, telling me to beg for it —

for you.

Until you made me,

you made me


For us. For me. For my body. For my spirit. For my soul.

How did it come to this?

You were my husband

and I was your bitch.

It all started when I saw how much it excited you —

to you use me.

And I loved, loved

getting you excited.

So I did

for years

and years.

A little more dirty with each passing fuck.

It wasn’t enough that I was your wife;

I needed to be your whore, too.

So I became nothing more than a body to you —

a mouth, two tits, and a pussy —

all to say and do the things you needed me to say and do

so you could finish.

But you almost never did.


All that hard work and humiliation

for such a flaccid and unhappy ending.

What a travesty.