I Want You (It’s So Easy In The Dark)


in the dark it is easy to make you listen, to press you against the wall and say in my mind, this is different, in my mind we don’t have to do this in the dark
it’s easier in the dark, to do what we do. to cast light. to reflect each other. it’s easier in the dark to hide all these motivations and the way my hands shake. the light comes but we’ve brought it together, beckoned it each time to bring us to our temporary end.
each night is a temporary palace.
all palaces are temporary, darling, even the ones we build, even the ones we fill with smoke and all that arduous longing.

in the dark, i seek you out, thumbs to jaw, mouth to mouth. in the dark, it doesn’t matter where my hands go or how they still the second they feel your skin.
in the dark you don’t deny me.
against the wall it is easy to say you’re all i’ve ever wanted and you know it, against the wall the poet can make you what she wants and take it too.
it doesn’t matter anymore, not the wall or the darkness or how we’re undiscovered, not now the night is beginning to break. it doesn’t stay dark here for long. not like it used to.

in my mind, you sling your jacket over my shoulders as first light dawns. in my mind, we’re walking home. in my mind, you light my cigarette as i pour our coffee and we watch the city come to life from six storeys up. you watch me as you watch the landscape, with those keen, weighted eyes. you pull my feet into your lap and tilt your head back to greet the day with the ease of a man who has lived this morning before.
in the daylight, we have lived this a thousand times. in the daylight, we give the neighbours a show before you pull down the blinds. i tell you you’re all i’ve ever wanted and you don’t muffle my words.
my mouth finds your shoulder and your skin tells me i’m home.