I Want To Remember Every Moment With You Forever


When you called me up past midnight and asked if we could go out. When you apologized for not having a car so we took the last trip of the train we could get into. When I asked where you’re taking me, you silently laughed and said, “To where we first met.”

I looked around and realized how we’re the only ones here. And this. I want to remember this forever.

When you and I had a fight that one evening in May. When you started yelling and I tried my hardest not to cry. When I asked why you chose me. There was a crack in your voice when you whispered, “You’re the one that I want.”

I could still hear both of our heavy breathing and realized for once we were silent. And this. I want to remember this forever.

When I first went on a date with you we were seated by the rocks off seashore. It was the perfect weather, a lovely afternoon. When I asked why you brought me here, you pointed out the sunset. You remembered how I spoke to you about how much I love watching it. It was beautiful. “You are beautiful,” you said.

I held your hand for the first time and realized how weird our own skin makes us feel. And this. I want to remember this forever.

When we planned to get breakfast at this newly opened cafe near your place. When I failed to make it on time because I am not a morning person. When we ended up going on a drive thru instead. I asked how come you’re not mad at me. You didn’t answer right away. “I only wanted to see you,” came out of nowhere.

I smiled and realized how I wanted to do this more often. And this. I want to remember this forever.

Still now I throw questions at you as if it’s the only way I could make sense of us. And until now you backfire with answers as if it’s your only way of reassuring me. I don’t know what the future holds for us.

When you took me the other day back to where we first met. When we slow danced to our favorite song as if we own the entire place. When the music stopped playing and I pushed back. You asked why, I asked why not. “I just want you to hold me,” you said.

I took your hand and realized how I won’t ever let you go. “Hold tight,” I whispered. And this. I want to remember this forever.