I Want Her To Go But You Love Her 


Meeting her may be the worst thing
And knowing that she means a lot to you doesn’t change anything

I want her out before things go south
I hate hearing her name come out of your mouth

I want her to go back in time and never be your friend
I hate it when she acts like mine when we know it’s all pretend

I want her to vanish and I want to forget that face
Whenever I look at you, of her, there’s a trace

I want her to disappear as fast as she can
I can’t have the feeling of doubting you again

I want her to not be present when I said “yes”
The fact that you asked her to be there made me love our day less

I want her to leave my life so I can live mine
Those flashbacks in my head just hurt me every time

I want her to stop meaning something to you
Is cutting her out of our lives really difficult to do?

Killing her may be what I need to survive
But seeing you miss her will hurt more than seeing her alive.