Despite Everything, I Still Believe In Love


I don’t believe
in fairytales
If I’ve learned one thing
it’s that life
is a beautiful and bitter slog
through the daisies and the muck
and there ain’t no “happily ever after”
Every time you get to relish
the sweet taste of victory
you must know that the acid tang
of crushing defeat is waiting
right around the corner

I don’t believe in fairy tales
but when your fingers grace my skin
with all your gentle tenderness
against my better judgment
I still believe in love

I don’t believe
in God
There is no bearded man
in a white robe and halo
descending from the clouds
to save your sweet ass
We’re on our own in this disaster
and if we don’t look out
for each other and ourselves
then we’re up shit creek
without a paddle

I don’t believe in God
but when I look in your eyes
so gorgeously filled
with survival, lust and heartbreak
I have to admit
I still believe in love

I don’t believe
this planet is going to survive
Well, at least we people on it
We don’t run the show anymore
as if we ever did
The corporations do
and they won’t figure out
that human extinction
is bad for business
until it’s far too late
to turn back the hands of time
and even if they did
there would still be China or Egypt
or the next idiotic regime
believing world conquest
is preferable to survival of the species

I don’t believe this planet is going to survive
but when I take you in my arms
and we become each other’s
shelter from the storm
I will hungrily kiss your eager lips
and scream to the impervious sky

I still believe in you
I still believe in us
I still believe in love