I Spent This Summer Getting Drunk Off You


I took a sip and instantly, I wanted to get drunk off your sweetness, but little did I know it would make me sick.

At first you tasted sweet, until I couldn’t tell the difference. As time progressed I realized I liked the feeling, who I became when you were in my system. I was invincible, honest, wild, more me. You awoke a part of me I didn’t know existed. You were my personal cranberry vodka; I didn’t know how tipsy I could get until I had too much of you.

I drank you every summer night. You mind fucked me. Soon I realized I needed more, but day drinking wasn’t for me. After the blurry vision, things began to look different, clearer. I didn’t need to get drunk off of you to be me. I blacked out and learned the hard way. Then I was hungover from you. I needed something to help me during my difficult days. I realized you quenched my thirst, fooled me for a while, until I became sober again.

Now summer is over and I need coffee.