I Sincerely Hope You’re Happy With Her


I saw the way you looked at her. You had that same gleam in your eyes; that same wide grin; that same love that you once had for me.

I noticed how affectionate you’ve become which made me happy. Maybe she is in fact the one who can bring out the best side in you.

She looks at you with loving eyes and I hope you notice that. I hope that you will never stop being the stars that fill her eyes – not today, not ever.

She makes you happy again and I can see it. You laugh without care and I can see that you’re able to finally be yourself. It looks like she successfully moved the barriers that once blocked the door you often kept shut.

You walked hand-in-hand with her and I knew that she had occupied a permanent space in your heart.

I can feel the love that you have for her in the way you share stories about her with me. She loves the way you tuck her hair behind her ears. Your eyes say it all.

You love how much joy she brings to your life.

She was a rare daisy that bloomed in early Spring which you unexpectedly found during a stroll at the park – now you get to be in awe of it every day.

I want you to know that it wasn’t that I didn’t want you to be happy; I wanted you to be happy with me.

However, I’m glad that our paths intersected in different directions because it led you to her and it led me to rediscovering myself which are events that I don’t regret.